Try This Lal Mirch Chicken Recipe For Weekend Dinner. Watch Recipe Video

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A tempting bowl of chicken curry is always the perfect dish to light up your dinner table. Served with some fresh and buttery garlic naan, chicken curry prompts us to lick our fingers as we just can’t have enough of it. As you may have already tried a plethora of butter chicken and kadhai chicken recipes, it is time to explore other varieties of lip-smacking chicken gravies. So, if you are planning to make your dinner special this weekend, then we have got the perfect lal mirch chicken recipe for you.

Chef Ranveer Brar, in an Instagram Reel, demonstrates the process to make a bowl of lal mirch chicken that you can enjoy with rice, chapatti, or naan.

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How To Make Lal Mirch Chicken I Lal Mirch Chicken Recipe:

To begin making the dish, arrange these ingredients listed below.

For the paste:

Bay leaf – 3-4

Cloves – 4-5

Cinnamon stick (smoked) – 1 inch

Green cardamom – 2

Degi red chilli powder (smoked) – 2 tbsp

Roughly sliced ginger – 1 inch

Garlic cloves – 9-10

Dry bedgi red chillies (soaked) – 12-15

Mustard oil – 2 tbsp

For marination:

Chicken – 1 kg

Chopped coriander stem – 1 tbsp

Ginger garlic paste – ½ tbsp

Mustard oil – 1 tsp

For lal mirch chicken:

Mustard oil – 2-3 tbsp

Cloves – 2

Beaten curd – 1 cup

For tempering;

Ghee – 1 tsp

Roughly crushed coriander seeds – ½ tbsp

Chilli flakes – 1 tsp

Once you gather all ingredients, follow these steps.

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Step 1 – To make the paste, take a bowl and add cinnamon stick, bay leaf, green cardamom, and cloves.

Step 2 – In a pan, add degi red chilli powder and roast it until it gets smoky in fragrance.

Step 3 –  Add the tossed red chilli powder to the same bowl before adding some soaked Kashmiri red chilli, garlic, salt, and smoked mustard oil. Transfer everything to a grinder and make a smooth paste. Keep it aside.

Step 4 – To prepare the marination, take the chicken in a bowl along with coriander stems, ginger garlic paste, mustard oil, and salt to taste., Mix everything well and keep aside for 15-20 minutes.

Step 5 – Start preparing the lal mirch chicken by adding mustard oil to a sauce pan and tossing in some cloves once the oil gets hot. Let the cloves splutter.

Step 6 – Add the marinated chicken to the pan and sauté. Then add curd and mix well.

Step 7 – Cover with a lid and cook the chicken for 9-10 minutes on low flame.

Step 8 – Add some water and prepare tempering by heating some ghee in a pan and adding crushed coriander seeds and chilli flakes to it.

Step 9 – Add the tempering to the chicken and mix everything well.

Step 10 – To smoke the chicken, burn coal on a high flame and then place it in a bowl. Place the bowl inside the utensil in which you have prepared the chicken. Pour some ghee over it, place a cinnamon stick and cover the vessel with a lid.

The recipe can be prepared in just 40-50 minutes and will serve two to four people. Enjoy!

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