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The white rice recipe is apparently one of the easiest, however, it is not like that, because if you do not put the exact amounts, it does not cook well. If you are looking to make a delicious rice to accompany your dishes, here we share three recipes and some secrets that will help you.

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granado rice recipe


2 tz. rice

4 tz. Water

3 tbsp. oil

1 garlic clove minced

2 tbsp. chopped white onion



Wash the rice until the water runs white and let it dry for an hour. In a pot, heat the oil and brown the minced garlic and onion. Pour four cups of water and when it first boils, add the rice and salt. Stir and cook over high heat. When the rice begins to dry out, lower the heat to a minimum. Cook until the rice opens up and the water dries up completely. Finally, put a little oil sinking it with a spoon.

Graneadito rice recipe from A eat

When eating, he also recommends washing the rice to remove the starch, changing the water two to three times. Then you mince a clove of garlic for each cup of rice. In a pot, put the oil and the minced garlic and let it brown so that it releases its flavor. Add the rice and toss with the dressing, then cover with water (1/4 cup more than cups of rice) and salt to taste. The recommendation is that it be slightly salty. When it breaks into a boil, cover it and lower it to a minimum. And ready.

Graneadito rice recipe from Cocina sin mamá

The recommendation of ‘Cooking without mom’ is that for a cup of rice, one more of water (if you make a cup of rice, it would be two of water). After washing the rice, in a pot you put a jet of oil and a teaspoon of ground garlic and the corresponding cups of water. You let it boil and when it starts to boil, you just add the rice, salt to taste and leave it over high heat for two minutes. After that time, lower it to a minimum until the rice dries with the pot covered. One tip is to add a tablespoon of butter while the rice is drying and then stir it.

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