How To Steam Vegetables Without Steamer

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The technique used is easy: place a golf-ball sized balls on a plate covered with aluminum foils, add vegetables, seal the lid, bring water back to boiling, remove the vegetables and foil, cool, cut into bite-size pieces, serve. This is a simple technique that can make a great side dish when served with rice or noodles. For more information on this technique, please visit paraphrases:the technique uses 3 golf size balls placed on plates covered in aluminum sheets. Vegetables are added to create a steaming plate. Seal the metal lid and return water temperature to normal. Cool, slice, cook, enjoy.

What can I use if I don’t have a steamer?

If you do not steam meals frequently ‚(or who finds themselves in needs of steamed food) then don‘t run away and get one; all you require is something that will hold water, such as stainless steel, aluminum, or glass, along with some kind of pot and a large enough container to fit inside. A steam pan is ideal for this purpose, since it can hold a few inches of water. You can also use a pot with two handles, which makes it easier to move around when cooking. If possible, try to find a pan that has a handle that fits snugly into the bottom of your pot.

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Can you steam vegetables in the microwave?

To micro steam, place vegetables on top of a double layer (or triple) of paper towel. Heat on medium high until tender. Two and half minutes. If using a higher power setting, cook longer. For example, if using an oven-top microwave, bake for four minutes per side. This will ensure that the vegetable is fully cooked. When done, remove from the microwave and let cool completely. Then, peel off the paper before serving. You can also freeze the cooked vegetables. They will keep for about three months. To freeze, put the cooled vegetables into a sealed plastic bag and seal. Place in freezer storage container. Once frozen, thaw overnight in refrigerator.

Can you use a strainer as a steamer?


Can you steam vegetables in the oven?

You can actually steam veggies in any oven using a pot or pan. For example, if there is a pan that fits the size of your oven, make sure to use that instead of a regular oven. You don‘t want to burn the vegetable when you do this. If you are using the roaster, remember to put the vegetables on a rack inside the pan before placing the lid on top. This will prevent the bottom of all the ingredients from burning.

How do you steam carrots without a steamer?

Bringing a small amount of water (about 1 inch) to boiling point in any frying or steaming pan will result in caramelization of both the carrot and onion. This is a great way to add a touch of sweetness to your dish. You can also add the cooked carrots to soufflés, salads, or other dishes. Just be sure to keep the heat low enough so the caramelized vegetables don‘t burn. Once the vegetables are caramelised, remove from the pan and set aside. Don”t worry if the liquid evaporates before the onions are done cooking. They will continue cooking down once the liquids are gone. Serve with your favorite dipping sauce. Garnish with fresh chopped parsley. Makes 4 servings. Recipe adapted from Cooking Light magazine. Author: Jennifer L.

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Is steaming vegetables better than microwaving?

As compared against other cooking methods like microwave, stove top or even oven do retain a great amount of nutrients when cooked, however, overcooked veggies are often soggier and nutrient break down. This is because the heat from the microwave causes the water inside the vegetables to evaporate, which results in nutrient loss. To avoid this, cook veggies slowly and thoroughly before adding them to your dish. If you want to make your own smoothies, you should try making them in your blender.

Is it bad to cook broccoli in the microwave?

Yes, microwaving broccoli is good, however, this is only one method of cooking broccoli, so it should be used carefully. If you are going to add broccoli to your diet, you should always cook vegetables thoroughly before adding them to any recipe. This will ensure that the vegetables are cooked to their optimum level. You can also cook broccoli in water, which is great for cooking it in large batches. When you cook raw broccoli using the oven, make sure to turn the brocco off before serving.

Can I steam with a plastic colander?

You cannot make your colanders or strainers out of polyethylene, which is a plastic.

How do you steam in the oven?

We are using a steamer to create a bath to make the breads easier to handle. We will place the loaf pans in our oven after preheated. Pour a small cup full of hot tap water in this pan and slide the pans inside the pot. Make sure there is enough water to cover the entire surface of both the bottom and sides of all the crusty bread. Now, turn the heat down to 350 degrees F. and let the water come to room temperature. This will take about 20 minutes. After 20 min., remove the top pan from the stove and place it in front of you. Using a spatula, gently lift the two crusties out of their water bath and transfer them to parchment paper.

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Can you steam veggies in an air fryer?

You can make any dish healthier by cooking it in air frying pan, which is basically a deep fry pan with no oil. You don’t need to add oil to it. This method is great for vegetables and other types of meat, fish, poultry, eggs, etc. There are many airfryers out there, so check out the ones that are best for your needs. If you want to try this, you should definitely check the reviews on They’re always helpful. Also, if anyone has any questions about airfried pans, feel free to ask me.

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