Simple Hot Toddy Recipe

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In a world of cocktails that are served over ice or frozen, it’s nice to enjoy a cocktail that’s served piping hot, especially during cooler months. That’s where the classic hot toddy comes in — it’s similar to a comforting cup of tea, with the boozy bonus of whiskey. Recipe developer Christina Musgrave has crafted a comforting rendition of the classic hot toddy, and she’s a fan of its simplicity. “I love that this drink comes together in just a few minutes, and is so easy to make,” she describes.

While this drink is similar to a cup of tea, there’s actually no tea in it. Instead, whiskey, hot water, and lemon juice make up the actual drink, where star anise and cinnamon sticks spice things up. “The star anise and cinnamon really give a herbal touch to this drink,” Musgrave notes. Lastly, a touch of honey adds some sweetness to the drink, making it go down just as easy as your favorite cup of tea. Not only will this hot toddy provide a nice buzz, but it just might soothe a sore throat, too.

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