How to cook guar

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-100 ml of cold liquid or sauce. -200 ml of soup or other dishes requiring less thickener. Dissolve the Guar gum in cold liquid and leave to swell for a few seconds or incorporate before boiling into hot foods, mix well then bring to the boil for a short time.

How to use guar gum in cooking?

Guar gum is used in sauces, soups, ice creams and sorbets, bakery and pastry products, powders, etc. It can be used hot or cold and has good synergy with xanthan gum, but does not form a gel with carrageenans.

How to dose guar gum?

In gluten-free bakery and pastry, guar gum will improve the texture of your preparations: softness, aeration of the dough, aid in rising. Count 1 teaspoon of gum for 200g of flour, no more! Beyond this quantity, the crumb risks being too moist and therefore sticky when tasted.

How to dissolve guar gum?

Solvation of the gum will occur more rapidly when hot than when cold. Heating will also help dissolve any lumps and can therefore be used to “catch up” a lumpy gel.

What ingredient to replace guar gum?

The powder there is called Pixie Dust Xanthan Gum Replacer, i.e. magic powder to replace guar or xanthan gum.

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How to use xanthan gum?

Xanthan gum can be used to prepare gluten-free bread, piadina, cookies, pizza, focaccia and fresh pasta, gluten-free pastry cream, puddings, meringues, pies, light mayonnaise.

How to use carob seeds?

A special place in the kitchen. Also, carob powder is used in cooking exactly like cocoa: raw, diluted or heated. In pastry, it gives an original and sweet taste to cakes, biscuits, rice pudding, hot “chocolate”… Another advantage: it goes perfectly with the vegan diet.

Where to find MIX GOM?

Mix’gom 60g – Ma Vie Sans Gluten at Carrefour Prices.

How to dissolve xanthan gum?

Xanthan gum dissolves in all liquids except alcohol and pure oil. It is easier to work with cold than hot, so it is best to mix it with the cold preparation and then reheat the whole thing.

How to make locust bean gum?

The long pods of the carob tree are harvested to produce the gum. The pods are crushed to separate the seeds from the pulp. The seed skin is then removed by acid treatment. Then the seeds are split and broken, which breaks the fragile germ while leaving intact the endosperm.

How to replace psyllium in a recipe?

What can I replace blond psyllium powder or flour with? In some recipes, you can substitute wheat bran (or oats for a gluten-free diet) if it’s just to provide fiber and retain water.

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