how long to microwave

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Cook on maximum power for a variable time: 10 seconds for a soft-boiled egg, 15 seconds for a soft-boiled egg, 30 seconds to 1 minute for scrambled eggs and 45 seconds to 1 minute for hard-boiled eggs.

Why is the microwave bad for your health?

Some studies have shown that these radiations can cause insomnia, migraines or depression. They could also promote the appearance of cancers or cause a weakening of the immune system. A microwave should therefore be used with care.

How to steam in the microwave?

Steam cooking in the microwave

Place them in a glass dish then add a tablespoon of water to the bottom. Cover with special cooking film and cook in the microwave. You will need to adjust the cooking time depending on the size and variety of vegetables to be cooked.

How to use a microwave as an oven?

Place your dish next to a glass container filled with water, in microwave mode, on the high power position for 1 minute. – If the water heats up, but the utensil is cool to the touch, the utensil can be used in your microwave oven.

What food to cook in the microwave?

It is possible to cook all kinds of food in the microwave: pasta, potatoes, rice, semolina, eggs, zucchini, quinoa, bulgur, eggplant, salmon… What simplify your life and save you time.

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Why not heat in the microwave?

But reheating them in the microwave can sometimes cause chemical reactions that can be bad for your health. According to a study in the scientific journal Food Control, the process of heating in the microwave contributes to the appearance of oxysterols, the products of the oxidation of cholesterol.

How to steam without a steamer basket?

To steam your food without a steamer, place it in a metal colander, and place it on a saucepan containing a little boiling water. The strainer should not be in contact with water.

Which utensil for steaming?

The pan

With a saucepan, a stainless steel colander, for example, and a tea towel, you can steam your food.

How to use a combination microwave?

A combination microwave works on the combination of a microwave and an oven. That is to say that in microwave function, it will turn and heat your food thanks to the waves and in oven function, it will heat thanks to a resistance located in the ceiling inside and will turn if you use it in convection.

How to do without an oven?

The microwave

A little less gratin than in the oven, but just as cooked and warm, the microwave is the cooking option closest to the oven! You can make gratins, soften hard vegetables, such as butternut squash or Jerusalem artichokes, or bake mug cakes for melt-in-the-mouth desserts!

How to use a convection microwave?

How microwave convection cooking works. In a combination microwave and convection oven, an additional heating element and a fan circulate hot air throughout the cavity, allowing you to cook and roast food with homemade results.

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