can you cook with wine during pregnancy

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There are few data and no official recommendations regarding the addition of alcohol to prepared meals during pregnancy. In addition, any alcohol consumption, regardless of the amount, can pose a risk to the fetus.

Can a pregnant woman drink wine?

The rate of alcoholism during pregnancy ranges from 21 to 70.5%, depending on the screening method used. The message is clear: you should therefore not drink alcohol at all during pregnancy and therefore no wine, even in small quantities.

How to remove alcohol from wine?

The process for dealcoholizing wine consists of evaporating the alcohol (not more than 2% in accordance with European regulations) contained in the wine by distilling it. The operation is carried out either hot by partial evaporation under vacuum, or cold, also under vacuum, but at low temperature.

Why cook with wine?

Those who cultivate the art of cooking know that wine has many roles in the kitchen. In a marinade, it wonderfully tenderizes and aromatizes the flesh. The alcohol exerts its power of infiltration, creating passageways for the flavors of the ingredients to permeate the meat.

Can I eat rum baba while pregnant?

The alcohol put in the kitchen is most often heated and only the scent of alcohol remains, but no longer the alcohol itself. However, in rum baba, the alcohol remains because the rum is put in the syrup at the end. So, as a precaution, avoid this kind of preparation during pregnancy and breastfeeding.

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What alcohol can you drink when you are pregnant?

A dish containing wine or beer that has simmered for a long time (more than 2½ hours) without a lid is normally safe for pregnant women.

Is it serious to drink alcohol at the very beginning of pregnancy?

The consumption of alcohol during pregnancy is, at all times, discouraged. Indeed, depending on your metabolism and your weight, your ability to eliminate alcohol may take longer or shorter. Keep in mind that each drink ingested goes directly to your future baby.

How to lower the alcohol level in a bottle?

Take a cold shower, drink coffee, exercise, take aspirin… Some people use these different methods to quickly lower their blood alcohol level after drinking one or more glasses of alcohol.

How to evaporate alcohol?

Alcohol begins to evaporate at a temperature of 78oC (172oF). It is better to cook the dish containing the alcohol for a long time. The earlier the alcohol is incorporated and the longer the cooking time, the more the alcohol evaporates. After cooking for 2 hours 30 minutes, approximately 5% of the initial quantity of alcohol remains.

Why boil wine?

Once the winemaking process converts sugar to alcohol, there are several ways to reduce or eliminate this alcohol from wine. The easiest way is to boil the wine, which will cause most of the alcohol to evaporate. But it will also completely change the taste of the wine.

Why put white wine in dishes?

Use it to deglaze your cooking juices. You will thus obtain a delectable fragrant sauce. Dry white wine is also a flavor enhancer for your marinades or regional dishes. And of course, it is used in the preparation of many desserts such as sabayon.

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