Cook yourself fresh spinach before putting on a pizza

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Should spinach be cooked before putting on a pizza? Delicate greens, like arugula and spinach, don’t need to be precooked for pizza, but hearty leafy greens, especially those with coarse stems, should be cooked first. …

How to cook spinach to keep the vitamins?

So that your spinach does not lose all its benefits during cooking, do not cook it in water! Put them in a pan and add butter. Brown everything, watching that the spinach does not melt too much. They will give you all their vitamins!

How to chop spinach?

Put the peeled onion in a chopper with the curry and cumin. Wash the spinach and remove the stem before chopping finely. Set aside in a small bowl with the lemon juice.

How do I know if the spinach is cooked?

Count 6 minutes of cooking time (from the whistle if you use a pressure cooker). To stop them cooking, immediately plunge them into a bath of ice water. This will allow you to preserve their beautiful green color. You can then taste your spinach according to your favorite recipes.

How to spinach?

Note: It is often advisable to drain the spinach by squeezing it in your hands. I don’t think it’s a good idea, it gives very compact blocks of spinach and then difficult to use. The salad spinner gives better results.

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How to preserve vitamins when cooking?

Steam cooking is the one that best protects vitamins and minerals, because it is relatively short and avoids direct contact with water. Under pressure (in a pressure cooker), the cooking time is shortened, but the loss of vitamins increases. So prefer steam baskets.

How to eat spinach leaves?

After having stalked the leaves, we get rid of their central vein in order to keep only the most tender part of the vegetable. Finish by rinsing the spinach under running cold water. They can be eaten immediately in a salad, especially the young shoots.

How to prepare spinach?

Wash the spinach in warm water

Avoid soaking them in too cold water and prefer temperate water. Storing spinach for several days in the refrigerator can also wilt the spinach leaves. In this case, wash the spinach in lukewarm water to revive it.

How to mince spinach?

Fold the sheet in half and gently pull on the central rib. The leaf is intact, we only removed the fibrous stem. When the central veins of the leaves are removed, the spinach is washed several times with plenty of water. Drain and then blanch the leaves in boiling salted water for one minute.

Why not reheat the spinach?

Indeed, spinach, as well as turnip, celery, lettuce or beetroot, can release potentially toxic substances called nitrites which are the degradation of nitrates contained in large quantities in these vegetables.

How to prevent spinach from turning black?

First boil a pot of salted water. Once the water boils, submerge the previously rinsed leaves for one minute. Then remove them using a spider. Immediately place the leaves in ice water to keep their color.

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