which is used to cook vegetables retaining their nutrients

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Steam cooking is fast cooking, at a reasonable temperature, which preserves the nutritional qualities well and avoids direct contact with water.

How to cook your vegetables to keep the vitamins?

The heat destroys the fragile vitamins in proportion to the cooking time and the rise in temperature. Rapid steaming in a steamer basket (to prevent the minerals from dissolving in the water) is the best way to retain the nutritional qualities of vegetables.

What material promotes cooking that preserves the mineral elements?

Steam cooking

As for the minerals and vitamins, they are preserved with a latest generation steam cooker (known as “gentle steam”) allowing rapid cooking in steam not exceeding 100°C.

How to preserve vitamins when cooking?

Steam cooking is the one that best protects vitamins and minerals, because it is relatively short and avoids direct contact with water. Under pressure (in a pressure cooker), the cooking time is shortened, but the loss of vitamins increases. So prefer steam baskets.

How to store vitamins in soup?

Brown your vegetables in a pan in a little butter or vegetable oil (add garlic, shallot, spices at this time, for those who want a tastier soup). Pour already boiling water over your vegetables! This will limit the cooking time and therefore the loss of vitamins!

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How to store vitamins in fruits and vegetables?

Store your fruits or vegetables in a cool, dry place away from light. Indeed, vegetables that remain more than a week in the refrigerator lose more than half of their vitamins! Avoid soaking them, favor rinsing. Save the skin as long as possible.

What is the best cooking method?

According to Dr. Laurence Plumey, nutritionist, the best method of cooking is unquestionably steaming, because it best preserves vitamins, minerals and trace elements. These remain in the food and are protected there.

What is the best cooking for your health?

To stay healthy, choosing to cook your food at a low temperature (around 60°C) without adding fat is the best option. At this cooking temperature, the vitamins, mineral salts and trace elements of the food are perfectly preserved.

What is the healthiest cooking method?

The healthiest cooking method: steam!

Steam cooking is undoubtedly the most interesting method for health, but also for the taste buds! The flavors of vegetables, fish and meat are preserved as well as the nutrients.

What temperature to store vitamins?

Above 90°C, many B vitamins are destroyed. From 120°C, they are all destroyed. Sensitive to water, air, heat and light, it is the most sensitive of vitamins. Above 60°C, vitamin C is destroyed.

How to reduce vitamin losses in the diet?

– By washing food. Water-soluble vitamins are thrown away with washing water or cooking water, especially when these foods have been cut into small pieces before cooking.

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