Where Is Cook County Georgia

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What is Adel Ga known for?

In fact, Ada is the name of a town in western Georgia, located near the city of Macon. Ada was named after Ada County, Georgia. This is a small town, about 100 miles west of Atlanta. There are a few other places named Ada, including Ada Springs, a community in central Georgia; Ada Lake, in northern Georgia (near the state line); and Ada City, Alabama. All of these are small towns, less than 100 square miles in area. However, there are many more Ada’s in Georgia than there were in Alabama back in 1851. For example, Adels in North Carolina, Tennessee, South Carolina and Virginia are all named for Ada. Although Ada has a population of about 1,000, this is only a fraction of what Ada had when Ada became a county in 1796.

What is the crime rate in Adel Georgia?

With only one person being killed in this state, there are no reported murders, rapes, robberies, burglaries, or aggravated assaults. However, one’s chances of being a perpetrator of any of these crimes is about one out of 16 (16%). The crime statistics in Georgia are based on a variety of sources, including police reports, court records, news media, social media posts, internet postings, etc. Crime statistics are updated daily. For more information, visit the Adelynn County Sheriff’s Office website. You can also call 1-877-858-4357. This number is available 24/7. If you have any questions, please contact the Sheriff‘s Office at 1-(877)-838-5500. Thank you for visiting our site. We hope you enjoy your stay. Please feel free to contact us with any comments or questions.

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How old is Adel GA?

Adele GA lies in northern Fulton county, which is also the county seat. Atlanta is about 100 miles away. This city is considered the cultural center of Georgia and has a large number of cultural events and festivals. There are also many museums and galleries in this city. If you are looking for something to do in Adelle GA, you should consider visiting the museum or gallery. You can also visit the historic district of Adella GA. Some of its landmarks include the Adell House, where the president of United States, John Quincy Adams, lived during his time in office.

What region is Coffee County GA in?

This is the state of Georgia in southcentral Georgia. There are about 1,000,00 acres of this land in Coffee counties. You can find this information on Google maps. If you don’t know the name of Coffee town, you should go to Google map and look for Coffee city. Then you will see the location of coffee county. So, Coffee country is located in South Central Georgia (Georgia). Coffee county is a small town in Georgia with about 2,500 people. On the map, there is no Coffee Town.

What’s the zip code for Adel GA?

‘S Population is10,861 people since 2020 it Has hada Population Decline of0.60% The zip codes below are for those who live in Adels zipcode. If you’re not sure what zipcodes are, you should check out this link.

What district is Lowndes County?

Low NDe County is situated in. Its inhabitants are. Population density of Low N Des county : 0.0. District population densities in Lownde counties: 0/1. Lowndes county population data: 1.

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How safe is Adel GA?

Adell is located in 13th place for being safe, which means 86 percent of all cities around the world are safe and 13 percent are less safe.This analysis takes into account the proper bounds of Adella GA only (see the map below). The crime rate in this city is 54.98 per 1000 residents over a year period.The rateof crimein Adeld GA is 52.93 per 10,00 residents.Below is a table of nearby areas for Adelle GA. Note that the rate is higher than the average for all of Georgia. Below is the list of adjacent cities for both Adele GA and Adello GA.

What is Adel?

Adely is an ancient given Name of European origin that developed from the words “adl” meaning noble, nobleman, or noble person…. today, Adela is used as the gender neutral given Names with the combining elements of “A” and “D”. The name Adele is also used in English as an alternative name for Adeline. This is because the name is feminine and the feminine form is “a” (as in Adelle, a).

How far is Adel Georgia from the Florida state line?

The total straight line flight distance from Adeley, GA to Orlando, FL is 217 miles. This equates to 349 kms. it takes approximately 3 hours to drive.

Who Is Coffee County named for?

Coffee county was formed by the act on Dec. 29th,1841and was renamed for General John Coffey,who foughtin theCreek war of1813 – 14. He was born in Georgia,but he moved to Alabama when he was young.He was killed in battle in 1815.His name is inscribed on a monument in Mobile,Ala.The monument is located at the intersection of U.S.

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Why is Coffee County called Coffee County?

Coffee county was created on Jan 8th 18 36 from Franklin Bedford Warren counties. Its named because Gen John coffee was a friend who fought in both the war of ‘1812’ and in Creek war. He was also the hero who saved the lives of many soldiers during the battle of Fort Sumter. So he was given the title of “Coffee County” The name is derived from the fact that the first settlers were from a small town in western Virginia called “Cookeville” which was located on Coffee river. They named it after him. This is why the county is called Coffe county. You can find out more about the history of Coffee Country by visiting the website of Gen Coffee. Also visit the Wikipedia page of John C. Davis.

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