What is the frequency of cooking

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What is the best cooking for your health?

To stay healthy, choosing to cook your food at a low temperature (around 60°C) without adding fat is the best option. At this cooking temperature, the vitamins, mineral salts and trace elements of the food are perfectly preserved.

What is the healthiest cooking?

The healthiest cooking method: steam!

Steam cooking is undoubtedly the most interesting method for health, but also for the taste buds! The flavors of vegetables, fish and meat are preserved as well as the nutrients.

Which pan to choose for health?

Prefer pans or saucepans in 18/10 stainless steel or natural cast iron. If you opt for pans with a non-stick coating, check that the coating does not contain chemicals such as PFOA or APFO. Some brands also offer cadmium-free, lead-free and arsenic-free cookware.

When to throw away frying pans?

Whatever its coating, if your stove is scratched, deformed or cracked it means that it is no longer usable. It must then be changed because the coating becomes less efficient. This wear is harmless to your health, but unfortunately complicates cooking because your food sticks.

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What is the best cooking time for vegetables?

Rapid steaming in a steamer basket (to prevent the minerals from dissolving in the water) is the best way to retain the nutritional qualities of vegetables. It is also the cooking method that best preserves the exact flavor of the food.

How to make a soup while keeping the vitamins?

Brown your vegetables in a pan in a little butter or vegetable oil (add garlic, shallot, spices at this time, for those who want a tastier soup). Pour already boiling water over your vegetables! This will limit the cooking time and therefore the loss of vitamins!

What is the worst meat for your health?

Chicken: highest risk

Of all the meats and poultry analyzed, it is chicken, whatever its form (breast, thigh, whole, etc.), which presents the most risk, whether roasted, grilled or cooked in another way.

What is the healthiest meat?

What meat do you prefer? The most nutritionally interesting meats are poultry such as turkey, chicken, or even iron-rich guinea fowl. But also eggs, organic in priority. The Bleu-Blanc-Cœur label guarantees a diet with flax seeds, which enrich the eggs with Omega 3 fatty acids.

What is the best cooking for meat?

The healthiest cooking is steaming and en papillote. It is very suitable for meats with white flesh (chicken, turkey, etc.) and certain recipes based on red meat are to be discovered, in particular exotic cuisine.

What are the healthiest casseroles?

Inox, or stainless steel, is one of the healthiest materials for cooking. It is more environmentally friendly because it does not contain any chemicals. It is an inert material: it does not modify the taste, appearance or smell of food.

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