What is baking

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What is the purpose of cooking?

Cooking makes it possible to modify the taste, flavor, appearance, color, texture, volume, weight, or nutritional qualities of the food. It modifies its chemical and physical structure and can thus make it assimilable, nutritious or more tasty, and sometimes eliminates toxicity.

What are the 3 types of cooking?

We count 3 main categories of types of cooking: cooking by concentration, cooking by expansion, and mixed cooking.

Why cook vegetables?

The heat destroys the fragile vitamins in proportion to the cooking time and the rise in temperature. Rapid steaming in a steamer basket (to prevent the minerals from dissolving in the water) is the best way to retain the nutritional qualities of vegetables.

What are the different types of meat cooking?

Grilling: the meat is seared at high temperature on a grill, without fat. The barbecue, the cast iron grill, the oven grill, the pierrade allow you to make delicious grills. Roasting: the meat is cooked in the oven, uncovered. Braising: the meat is seared then simmered covered in a casserole dish.

What is mixed cooking?

MIXED: This is the combination of the two previous firings. The beginning of cooking is done by concentration by coagulating the juices inside the food, then, after wetting, the phenomenon of expansion intervenes in order to release all the juices in the cooking liquid.

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How to cook food?

Different cooking methods are available to us: water, steam, simmering, grilling, frying…

What are the observed effects of cooking on food?

Cooking changes the appearance, color, smell, taste and texture of foods, as well as their content of essential nutrients.

Why do we cook meat?

Cooking makes it possible to transform, develop, concentrate or reduce the smell of food. Moreover, during cooking, many molecules of taste can also be trapped in the fat, which explains in particular why marbled meats are richer in flavor.

What is poaching in the kitchen?

To poach a meat is to immerse it entirely in a flavored liquid and to cook it for a long time at low simmers. This cooking requires no supervision. The emblematic dish of this cooking method is the pot-au-feu.

What is the point of steaming?

Steam cooking is slow cooking which does not harm the food by overheating it. Thus respected, foods keep their nutrients, vitamins, mineral salts, trace elements… Vegetables keep their color, their natural taste, their texture and their nutrients.

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