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This week we do different prescriptions of desserts of Christmas. delicious!

Recipe of Truffles of Christmas


225 gr. chocolate couverture

50 gr. butter

90 ml. milk cream

1 splash of Cointreau

cocoa powder

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We put the chocolate cover in a container in a bain-marie and give it time to melt over a very calm fire. We must go stirring from time to time so that the heat of the water reaches all the chocolate and, when it is completely liquid, we add the butter so that the chocolate of the truffles of Christmasit is more creamy.

Keep stirring until the butter melts completely and is well integrated with the chocolate.


Then add the milk cream and stir very gently. We will have everything on the fire (in a water bath), until the 3 ingredients are perfectly mixed and we have a liquid and homogeneous chocolate cream.

Now we have to brighten up the flavor of the truffles, adding a dash of Cointreau to the previous mixture, in this way we will give a very aromatic touch to the Christmas truffles so that each bite of these chocolate bites fills our mouths with flavor and aromas. . We mix all the ingredients again and when they are perfectly integrated, remove from the heat.

We let the truffle mass cool to room temperature and when it is warm we take it to the fridge for a couple of hours.

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When the time has passed, and the truffle mass is “hard”, we only have the final step to finish the delicious Christmas truffles. As the dough will be hard enough to be able to form small balls with our hands, we will take parts of the dough with a spoon and quickly, with our hands, we will give it a little shape.

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Once we have a ball, we will put it on a plate where we will have the cocoa powder. We cover them well with cocoa and place them in a fountain.

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