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The crepes they are of the desserts we enjoy the most, not only because of its extraordinary flavor, but also because of the wide variety of options that we have to prepare them, be they sweets either saltyWithout a doubt, they are one of the desserts we like the most. Although today we have a wide variety of options, in terms of placesin order to enjoy them, we have always been of the idea that there is nothing better than what is made at home and precisely for this reason, today we want to leave you this option to enjoy with flour hot cakes.

And yes, you are probably thinking that this would be a sacrilege, a total lack of respect for the french culturecome on, even an insult for the French gastronomy. However, we do not do this with that intention, quite the contrary, the idea is to be able to enjoy this delicious dessert at any time of the day, even one in which we do not want to go out or know anything about anyone. But we won’t tell you more and we’ll leave you with the recipe.

Pancakes with flour for Hot Cakes


  • 1 cup pancake flour
  • 11/2 milk
  • 1 tablespoon butter (previously melted)
  • 1 tbsp vanilla extract
  • 1 egg
  • Whipped cream (to taste, for the filling)
  • Nutella (to taste, for the filling)



To prepare the crepesthe first thing we will do is sift the flour and then we will take the blender and we will leave until obtaining a homogeneous consistency, it should not be so liquid. Once we have it, the next thing we will do is take a bit of the portion to a pan and in the same way as with the traditional mixture, we spread it.

We will let it cook on both sides, remember to turn it over very carefully to prevent it from breaking. We take out and repeat the process until we finish with the mix. And that’s it, you can now fill them with whatever you like, you can even make salty combinations to taste.

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