Mar Saura’s protein-rich salad recipe

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    We may like it more or less, but it’s official: christmas is over. We leave behind sweets at all hours, family meals day in and day out, and daily reunions. This Monday marks the beginning of the year definitivelyor what is the same: we really began to work on our resolutions for 2023. Some objectives in which the fitness is usually very present: yes start exercising to lose those extra kilos that we have taken on vacation, that if we go to the gym more if we were already signed up but we hardly went, that if we eat healthier…

    we know by heart good intentions that year after year the lists of all of us tend to sneak in. But this 2023 there is a difference: this year we are going to meet them all. Today we are going to focus on eat healthy and we are going to do it by the hand of Mar Saura. And it is that the 47-year-old model is one of our references in terms of celebrities fit is concerned and one of its secrets is to eat a good diet.

    We saw it a few weeks ago when we thoroughly studied the physical transformation of Mar Saura: Eating healthy is one of the fundamental pillars for the model. And this 2023 he has proposed to share with his followers some of his recipes, something that is great for us. The last? The recipe for a salad rich in protein and easy to make that also looks great. Attention:

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    Mar Saura’s salad recipe

    She herself has done the step by step of how to make the salad, so we are going to leave all the ingredients and then the execution:

    • Garbanzo beans
    • Cherry tomatoes
    • Red pepper
    • Arugula and lamb’s lettuce
    • one or two eggs
    • Garlic, pepper, oil and salt to season to taste

      The first thing we have to do is put the chickpeas, cherry tomatoes and red pepper in the oven for a few minutes on a tray. While on the other hand we have to fry the eggs (this trick to fry eggs with little oil can help you make it even more healthy). When we already have both things, we mix with the arugula and the lamb’s lettuce, season to taste and it’s ready to eat!

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