is cooked with smoked salmon Nigiri

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What is a nigiri?

The nigiri, to accompany other sushi

This one is a slice of raw fish, accompanied by different toppings. Its presentation is thus more elaborate with a multitude of associations. In any case, the nigiri finds its place perfectly on a sushi platter.

Which part of the salmon for Maki?

To make your sushi, think of the heart of fresh salmon from your Grand Frais fishmonger! Sold in trays of approximately 250g, skinless and boneless, it is ready to cook… and eat! Simply cut 1 cm thick slices for tasty sashimi!

What part of fish for sushi?

Salmon flesh, the one intended for the preparation of sushi, is orange-pink. However, once these nets have been obtained, this color can be alternated with a gray tint. It is in fact the fat, which will have to be removed. If any edges remain, just use pliers to get rid of them.

What is the difference between sushi and maki?

The sushi is presented in the form of a flattened ball of rice on which a piece of raw fish is placed. The maki is rolled, very often surrounded by a sheet of Nori (seaweed) and can have multiple ingredients in its center, either raw fish, caviar, an omelette or vegetables.

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What is the difference between sushi and sashimi?

The rolls are cut into small sections before being served. Sashimi is nothing like sushi. This is a Japanese dish consisting only of slices of raw fish. All the delicacy of sashimi is in the cutting of the flesh of the fish.

Is it dangerous to eat raw salmon?

Raw fish is a fragile food, its alteration can cause food poisoning such as anisakidosis. This is an infection caused by ingesting raw fish containing anisaki larvae.

Which fresh salmon to choose?

The species: favor Alaskan salmon

Atlantic salmon today consists of 90% farmed salmon. It is easier to find wild Pacific salmon. As for Alaskan salmon, it is systematically wild.

Is salmon good for dogs?

Fatty fish such as sardines, mackerel or salmon are preferred for their intake of essential nutrients. You can also give your dog other species.

Which Makis can you eat when you are pregnant?

Choose your sushi wisely. If you are pregnant, it is better to avoid raw fish. Leave the raw salmon and raw tuna sashimi aside, just like the raw fish maki and nigiri. Raw fish can indeed contain listeria bacteria.

What fish can you eat raw?

The most suitable fish for raw consumption are: salmon, sea bream, sea bass and tuna. They must be chosen according to the season during which they are the tastiest. It is important to specify that the freshness of the fish is essential.

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