How to travel with cooking knives

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How to travel with kitchen knives?

A smaller kitchen knife with a 15cm long blade and a large chef’s knife with a 25cm blade can be carried in checked baggage. In any case, be sure to transport the knives in a closed container (they must be in your checked baggage!).

How do I bring a knife on a plane?

Same principle as for scissors: the knives prohibited in the cabin are those whose blade exceeds 6 centimeters. You can therefore easily transport your small Swiss army knife in your cabin suitcase. However, some companies are still stricter than others.

How to transport fresh products by plane?

You can transport fresh products such as meat and sausages provided they are vacuum-packed. However, all solid foods presented in cans will be refused because of their opacity.

Which knife allowed?

1 – The first level: the Law

French law prohibits the carrying of any knife, because it considers that a knife is by definition a 6th category edged weapon. And this without distinction of the length of the blade or the presence or not of a locking mechanism of the blade.

How is checked baggage in the hold?

Baggage is first checked by X-ray equipment, the EDS (Explosive Detection System), the purpose of which is to detect explosive devices. In case of doubt, the suspicious package will be passed to the tomograph, another scanner which offers a much finer visualization.

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Where to put your lighter on a plane?

Safety matches, classic lighter.

Indeed, by plane, placing your lighter in the hold is strictly prohibited and leaving your lighter in your cabin baggage as well. To transport your lighter on the plane, you must place it in a transparent bag to keep in the cabin, close to you, for the duration of the flight.

Are aerosols allowed in the hold?

All your liquids, aerosols and gels (LAGs) must: Fit in containers of less than 100 ml. Be presented in a single closed transparent plastic bag of maximum 20 cm x 20 cm.

How to carry your toiletries on the plane?

It is now necessary to transport liquids in individual containers with a maximum capacity of 100 mL. All these containers must themselves be placed in a closed transparent plastic bag, with a maximum capacity of one liter and maximum dimensions of 20 cm x 20 cm.

Can I take food on the plane?

What Kind of Food Can You Bring on the Plane? You can take everything in your checked baggage, from liquid to solid food. However, you are not allowed to take liquid or gelatinous food in your hand luggage.

Can I carry food in the Air France cabin?

On Air France flights, you can carry food and drinks in your cabin baggage or accessory, provided that the company’s rules are respected. You can bring baby food or special diet food.

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