How To Shrink External Hemorrhoid?

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Hemorrhoids are usually painless and asymptomatic. However, people who experience acute abdominal pain often have bleeding, pain, itching, or prolapse of the hemorrhoid tissue. Fortunately, there are effective therapies that can be employed in order to prevent or treat hemorrhoids. The good news is that there are several natural remedies that can be used to treat hemorrhoids. Here are some of the ways you can shrink hemorrhoids without going to a doctor.

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What are they?

As a common ailment, the appearance of hemorrhoids is not a rarity. The hemorrhoids are also called piles, and they refer to two kinds of veins found on the anal canal and the rectum. One kind is internal and located within the anal canal, and the other kind is external and occurs on the skin outside the anal canal. Both types of hemorrhoids tend to bleed and can itch very much. This is often because of straining while having defecation. The presence of hemorrhoids also makes the anal area look inflamed. If this is the case, then the affected area should be treated as a disease. Hemorrhoids are treated in different ways depending on the cause and the degree of the problem. They are treated by a variety of methods, from over the counter remedies to surgeries.

More Natural Solutions

How to shrink external hemorrhoid with surgical methods are usually invasive. Although it’s helpful, but it can cause some discomfort, and has some risks. A natural way to shrink hemorrhoid is using Apple Cider Vinegar. This involves applying Apple Cider Vinegar over the affected area. This helps control the odor and itching, and minimizes bleeding.

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External Hemorrhoids

External hemorrhoids are veins on the outside of the anus, which are typically caused by straining or lifting weights. External hemorrhoids can bleed, itch and hurt when they become inflamed, so they are also known as piles. External hemorrhoids can be painful, and may cause difficulty going to the bathroom, poor sleep and anxiety. Some people believe they can also cause hemorrhoids to appear on the inside of the anus, but this is rare. Most experts believe external hemorrhoids are the result of straining, lifting, defecating or urinating.

How To Treat Hemorrhoids

Hemorrhoids are a condition that causes veins and capillaries to swell and protrude. They are caused by damage to the anal sphincter. The condition is also called piles, pudendal and sub-mucosal vascular. It is quite common, but not a serious medical condition. There are many over the counter treatments available. You can also try natural remedies like home remedies.

How to Get Rid of them?

Hemorrhoids are enlarged, inflamed veins that form in your anus and lower rectum. They can be uncomfortable and may bleed if they get large. They are very common and there is not cure for them. Most hemorrhoids go away on their own without treatment. You can take medications or supplements to help shrink the size of the hemorrhoid. Other treatment options include surgical or nonsurgical methods. For self treatment, you can try ice, heat and ice packs, and sitz baths to reduce swelling and inflammation. If you have a large or bleeding hemorrhoid, you should see your doctor. However, there is nothing you can do to make the hemorrhoid shrink to a normal size.

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