How To Fix Cube Steak?

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You know the feeling you get when you have steak or hamburger for dinner? You cook it in the oven or grill, and then you sit down to eat it. After it’s done, you take it out of the oven or grill, and it looks great. But then after you sit down to eat it, it’s usually so overdone that it’s tough, rubbery, and it just loses its juices.

Cooking Cube Steak

This is the best way to cook cube steak. I’ve made steak this way a million times and it always comes out perfect.

How to Fix Cube Steak?

How to Fix Cube Steak? Cube Steak is not an entirely new thing to me. It is in fact, a common thing in the United States. I have not personally come across this before, but from the description in this guide, I can easily see it is quite simple to fix. Here are the steps to take. Firstly, take a cube steak out of its wrapping, and do not move it for any reason. Secondly, turn it on its side, and remove any “liquid”, fat, and juices. Also, do not move it for any reason. Thirdly, rinse it with cold water. Fourthly, dry it. Fifthly, place the cube steak back in its wrapping, and keep it in your freezer. Sixthly, the next day, re-heat it on the stove. Seventhly, a delicious and easy to fix steak is yours to enjoy!

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How to cut the Cube Steak

The first step is to take your cube steak out of the freezer. Next, score the cube steak with a fork. This will allow the steak to defrost more quickly. Once it’s thawed, slice the cube steak into six equal pieces. The most popular and easiest way to cut cube steak is with a meat slicer. You can find them at most hardware stores. A meat slicer works by slicing the cube steak into a consistent thickness of about ¼-inch. If you don’t have a meat slicer, you can use a knife. Next, pour olive oil into a skillet or griddle and place on high heat. This will create a hot surface on which to sear the cube steak. When the oil is hot, place the cube steak in the skillet. Reduce the heat to medium-high, and cook for five minutes. Flip the cube steak over, and cook for an additional five minutes. Finally, cut the cube steak into individual steaks.

Tips and Tricks to make Cube Steak tasty

Cube steak, or flank steak as it’s also called, is a very flavorful cut of meat. Unfortunately, it’s often an underutilized and under-appreciated cut of meat. If you live in a place where there aren’t many options for beef, make a point to learn to cook this versatile cut of meat. Start by slicing the cube steak into smaller and thinner pieces. This helps to make it cook evenly and gives you a greater portion of your beef. Searing the cube steak is also a good way to make it a bit more tender and delicious. Searing makes sure that the meat cooks a bit before it is transferred to the oven. Finally, you can make your cube steak extra tender by cooking it at a high temperature for a shorter amount of time. This method of cooking also helps to break down the connective tissue that makes the steak less flavorful.

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How To Know When Cube Steak Is Done

It’s hard to judge whether cube steak is done, but it is very simple to know whether or not to take it off the grill and let it rest before cutting it up. You need to be able to determine if there’s a soft, leathery feel to the meat, as well as, a heat that makes you feel like you’re going to faint. It should be an even color as well. The color of the meat doesn’t really matter, but you want to get a good idea of how done it is. Start by placing the cube steak directly on the grill. Cook it for five minutes, flipping halfway through. After five minutes, you should be able to see grill marks on the surface. After flipping the steak, cook it for another five minutes. After that time, you should be able to see a pink color to the surface. If you don’t have a good color, it’s probably done. If you have a dark color, you should know it needs more time. Cube steak should be cooked, but not overdone. So the meat shouldn’t have a wet, slimy feel to it. It should be about the right level of cooked, but not falling apart. The cube steak should be a deep red color, but not so dark that you have to squint to see the surface. Cooked cube steak is delicious, but you need to make sure it’s done.

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