How to cook gelen pudding

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How to cook black pudding in a pan?

Pan-frying is ideal for those who like to eat lightly grilled black pudding. Heat your frying pan with a dash of olive oil or a knob of butter then cook your pudding for a few minutes over medium heat. Turn the sausage halfway through cooking to sear all sides of the sausage.

How to prevent the sausage from bursting when cooking?

Boil it in water

Last trick to cook it properly: let it cook in boiling water. Immerse your black pudding in water for about 5 minutes to “whiten” it. The goal is to make it softer. Finish cooking in the pan for a few minutes, making sure to turn it over regularly.

How to properly cook black pudding?

The method is very simple: heat a hint of butter or oil in a frying pan, add the sausage and cook for about 5 minutes over medium heat, turning it over halfway through cooking. This will give you a crispy crust. If you don’t have a pan, opt for a casserole dish. The result will be just as tasty.

How do you know if a black pudding is cooked?

There is a very simple method to check the cooking of your black pudding. Observe the ends of its gut. When these are retracted, your black pudding will be ready. You can also rely on the color of your meat.

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Do we eat the skin of the pudding?

The skin is eaten, especially when it is golden and crispy. Just beware of accidents, beware of tire punctures! Mean by that, that if you want to avoid the puncture, it is a question of cooking the pudding slowly and in two stages. It can be likened to a gradual warming up.

Is black pudding good for the liver?

Is black pudding good for the liver? So be sure to consume enough iron-rich products such as red meat (beef, venison, lamb, mutton, etc.), black pudding or offal (lamb or pork kidneys, poultry liver, etc.) without overdoing it. (no more than 500g per week).

Is black pudding eaten raw?

Used in cooking or served raw, black pudding has nothing to do with its cousin white pudding. It is indeed a very old charcuterie that is prepared with seasoned pork fat and pork blood (and sometimes goat or sheep).

How do you know if black pudding is still good?

If properly cooked, black pudding will not shed blood.

Does black pudding freeze?

How long to freeze a sausage? The shelf life of a sausage is 2 to 3 months if your freezer is at -24°C. The longer you keep it, the more the pudding will lose its taste.

Why eat black pudding?

The health benefits of black pudding

Composed of blood, black pudding is very rich in protein, calcium, potassium and magnesium, essential trace elements for our body. In addition, lovers of diets and dietetic cuisine will appreciate the absence of carbohydrates in its composition.

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