how long to cook scalloped potatoes in the pan

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How to cook Charlotte potatoes?

Bintje potatoes or charlotte potatoes cut into fries or potatoes (or another form) are cooked for 30 minutes at 220°C. They are served with homemade ketchup.

How do I know if the potatoes are cooked?

To check for doneness, prick the potatoes with the tip of a knife. If it comes out easily, your potatoes are cooked, if not extend the cooking for a few minutes.

How to cook Nicolas potato?

At the beginning of the season it is sometimes found in shot, it is great to accompany a meat! (Grenailles are very small potatoes sold separately from the rest of their variety). You will be able to make it in the oven with just a little oil, salt and keeping the skin.

What is the steaming time?

With steam everything cooks faster…

About 30 minutes for a whole chicken, just 10 minutes for a chicken breast, 15 minutes for an omelette and 5 minutes for fresh peas! The steamer baskets aren’t greasy or sticky so everything is easy to clean.

How to use the Charlotte potato?

Charlotte is the most used potato for raclettes and tartiflettes. In salads, it can be presented in tender but firm cubes or slices. It is also suitable for sautéed or browned cooking. This variety is also interesting on the flavor side: it is fine without being bland.

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Why cook potatoes with the skin on?

You can lose up to 90% of micro-nutrients and vitamins that are water-soluble, such as vitamins B or C, if you cook a peeled potato. It can be a little less, 80%, if the potato is cooked with the skin on. It is therefore in our interest to keep the skin.

How do I know if boiled potatoes are cooked?

First step: choose potatoes of the same size for even cooking. Second step: to check that they are cooked to perfection, prick the center of the potatoes with the tip of a knife. She sinks without resistance? Your potatoes are cooked.

How to succeed with boiled potatoes?

Put the potatoes just washed, unpeeled, in a pan of cold water. Salt, bring to a boil and cook for 10 minutes. Turn the potatoes occasionally for even cooking. Lower the heat when the broths are too strong.

Why not eat raw potatoes?

Raw potatoes contain solanine, a toxic substance. They do not all contain it in equal quantity; those that are green or sprouted will contain more. So why take the risk? Note that green potatoes should not be eaten, even cooked.

Why cook potatoes in cold water?

Quite simply because starting the cooking in cold water will allow you to obtain uniform cooking. If you throw your potatoes directly into hot water, the outside will cook much faster but will spoil a little and prevent the heat waves from penetrating to the heart of the potato.

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