how long to cook ground chicken

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How do I know if the chicken is cooked?

If you feel a sensation of heat, apparently the poultry is cooked. With a thermometer, the temperature should be at least 75°C. 2nd clue, pour out the juice that is inside the chicken. If it is translucent, with no trace of blood, the chicken is cooked.

How to make chicken tender?

Add 2 to 3 tablespoons of powdered milk to the marinade. A marinade that is too acidic can toughen the meat, adding powdered milk will soften it. Milk allows the meat to relax and be less firm.

How to cook chicken?

Bake in a preheated oven at 180°C / 190°C and for the cooking time, count 25 minutes per 500 g. For 1 chicken of 1.5 Kg, it therefore takes 1h15 (It’s the rule but personally I tend to cook less :p). Bake in a cold oven: Put your chicken in the oven and turn it on to 150°C.

How to calculate the cooking time?

When you cook a food in the oven (steak, roast, chicken, turkey, cake, etc.), the heat spreads from above and below. In this case, the distance the heat has to travel is half its thickness. The thermal diffusion law therefore becomes t = L2/4D where L is the total thickness of the food.

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How do I know if the can is cooked?

To find out if your can is cooked, poke it with a knife at the thigh joint. A clear juice should flow out. After cooking, cut your can as you would have done with a roast chicken and serve it with a small salad of raw vegetables and sautéed potatoes Sarladaise.

How do you know if the chicken has turned?

Raw chicken has pinkish flesh. Its color turns gray as soon as it begins to rot. If it seems duller to you than before, consume it as soon as possible before it turns sour. If it looks more gray than pink, it’s probably already too late.

What is a boiling hen?

This is why most layers have now had their day at the start of the first moult, they are culled and become boiling hens.

How to keep chicken tender when cooking?

If you have to go after the chicken like a dog after a bone, it hardly makes you want to eat it. And often your children complain that the flesh is too hard and too dry. To promote the tenderness of the chicken, here is a tip to try: place two large slices of lemon inside your chicken.

Why is my chicken tough?

One of the main causes of rubbery chicken is overcooking the meat. Chicken should be cooked quickly with relatively high heat.

How to get crispy chicken skin?

The healthy trick for crispy chicken skin

Cut the lemon in half and rub it over the skin of the chicken while squeezing it to obtain juice. Massage the chicken with these half-lemons, then season as you wish and place in the oven: crispy skin guaranteed!

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