How Long Do You Cook Chorizo Before Adding Eggs?

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i am having lunch with my girlfriend, and i’ve been having problems with my cholesterol levels. i’m a wannabe chef and i like to cook my own stuff and my bff made me this super high cholesterol egg breakfast:

why to cook chorizo until it turns pale

Chorizo is traditionally cooked until it is pale. This is because the pigment in the sausage may make it look darker. Cooking chorizo to an earlier stage results in it breaking down more quickly.

cooking time for ground meat

Everyone has a different preference for how long they like to cook meat for. Some prefer to simmer meat for a long period of time, while others prefer to cook meat quickly and add toppings after the meat is cooked. If you’re in the second category, the rule of thumb is that the meat should be cooked for about 3 to 5 minutes per pound.

cooking time for turkey

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cooking time for ham

So, when is a good time to add your eggs? Before cooking the chorizo. Cooking chorizo requires cooking the meat and spices and then boiling the eggs in the sausage. You don’t want your eggs to overcook, but you also don’t want them to have a raw taste. If you add the eggs at the right time, you’ll have a nice omelet with the soft scrambled egg and a bit of sausage.

cooking time for liver

when to cook liver the chorizo

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