Do you add spices before or after cooking?

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Spices and ground herbs release their flavors easily. In long cooking dishes, such as stews, add them towards the end of the cooking time to minimize the “cooking” of its flavors.

When to add spices?

Spices are always used at the end of cooking, cooking them causes the spices to lose their aroma. Sprinkling them at the end of cooking will allow you to preserve all the flavor of the spice and preserve its benefits and properties.

When to add cumin?

In general, cumin brings a warm and spicy taste to dishes. Cumin is added to the preparation of pulses to make them easier to digest. To obtain the best aroma from cumin, it is advisable to add it at the end of cooking.

When to season your dishes?

When to season? In general, we can say that the sooner the seasoning is done, the better the diffusion of the flavors will be. A valid advice especially for salt: by integrating it at the beginning of preparation, it will impregnate the food better, thus avoiding you to add more than necessary.

Where to put the spices?

Tip N°1: Keep the original containers

These are very practical and above all perfectly hermetic. Thanks to them, the spices keep their flavors longer. Instead of throwing them away, you can store your spices in these containers, stack them and find a place for them in your cupboards.

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How to use spices properly?

A casserole or a soup: the ideal for casseroles and soups is to add the spices once the onions/shallots/garlics have browned in oil or butter. Once they become translucent, add the spices and mix before adding your vegetables.

Why brown the spices?

The spices therefore acquire richer aromas by grilling, but also flavors that they did not possess before. Thus, roasted cardamom can see its camphor flavor diminish thanks to roasting, in favor of more aniseed notes.

How to use cumin?

Often used in Middle Eastern cuisine, cumin works very well in sweet and savory, candied and caramelized dishes, especially with honey, but also with savory dishes with dried fruits such as dates, apricots dry, or in a chutney.

How to consume cumin?

Cumin, an exotic flavor

It can be consumed directly in the form of seeds or ground, it is found in particular in mixtures such as ras el hanout which is used in the preparation of couscous, colombo, chili or mixtures for tagines.

How to use cumin in grain?

It goes very well with fish, or even lamb, chicken, but also with vegetables, sauces and soups. It goes perfectly with Dutch cheeses such as Edam or Gouda.

How to spice up dishes?

Salt can be added to soups, sauces, salads, meats, poultry, fish, vegetables, pasta, bread and even desserts. If you find that your dish is tasteless, add a little salt!

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