can i cook raw meat in a microwave

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Cooking raw meat in the microwave is safe, but the food must reach the appropriate temperatures. Raw beef, pork, and lamb should reach 145 degrees Fahrenheit, ground meats should reach 160 F, and all poultry should reach 165 F. …

How to cook meat in the microwave?

Cook meats in the microwave

– cut the pieces into small pieces, so as to cook all the meat in the same way, – cook in several batches, successively adding the ingredients of the recipe from the longest to the fastest to cook, – turn the pieces over halfway through cooking.

Why is the microwave bad for your health?

Some studies have shown that these radiations can cause insomnia, migraines or depression. They could also promote the appearance of cancers or cause a weakening of the immune system. A microwave should therefore be used with care.

Does the microwave cook food?

The advantage of the microwave is that it allows you to heat and cook dishes very quickly. Fish, meat, vegetables, eggs and even desserts: everything is possible!

How to use a microwave as an oven?

Place your dish next to a glass container filled with water, in microwave mode, on the high power position for 1 minute. – If the water heats up, but the utensil is cool to the touch, the utensil can be used in your microwave oven.

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Why not heat water in the microwave?

Warning: when you heat water in the microwave, there may indeed be a brief explosion of bubbles, some of the liquid may even escape from the container and burn you. This is due to a physical phenomenon well known to physicists, called the “overheating” of water.

Why not heat the water in the microwave?

Why not heat water in the microwave? What happens is that the water heats up faster than the vapor bubbles that can occur. Considering that bubbles cannot form and release the accumulated heat, the liquid does not boil, heats, heats, and exceeds its boiling point.

Does microwaves destroy vitamins?

Microwave cooking actually destroys two-thirds of vitamins C and B9 and some of the minerals. But like all other cooking methods. Thanks to its ultra-fast cooking and lower temperature (usually below 100°C), the microwave does even better than the oven or the pan.

Which food should not be reheated?

Indeed, spinach, as well as turnip, celery, lettuce or beetroot, can release potentially toxic substances called nitrites which are the degradation of nitrates contained in large quantities in these vegetables.

Why not heat the rice in the microwave?

Heating rice in the microwave is strongly discouraged, and can lead to food poisoning. Already cooked rice contains a bacterium, Bacillus cereus, which, if it does not withstand microwave heat, can produce toxic spores.

Is it good to reheat in the microwave?

With the microwave oven it is possible to heat almost any dish, from starters to main courses and vegetables; however, there are foods that are best heated evenly in a traditional oven or in a frying pan, in order to reach a higher temperature that …

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