Blood In Dog’S Stool?

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A blood-tinged stool can be a sign of several different intestinal problems, so it’s important to learn what to do if you’re seeing blood in your dog’s poop. Read on for some insight on this common problem.

What Does Blood in Dog Stools Mean?

A dog’s blood in its stool is a potentially serious medical condition. Dogs have a small red blood cell count and as a result, can have blood in their stool. This is not a normal occurrence and should be seen as a warning sign. It should be noted that blood in a dog’s stool can also indicate that a dog has ingested something that is harmful to them. What does blood in a dog’s stool mean?

Causes of Dog Blood in Stool

Your dog could have one of several different causes of blood in his or her stool. Some of these are accidental, some are due to internal conditions, and some are due to external causes. Let’s take a look at the common causes of blood in the stool in dogs.

How to Get Blood Out of Your Dog’s Stool

If your dog is experiencing blood in the stool, they may have eaten something that is causing their blood to come back up. The most common reason for blood in a dog’s stool is a vitamin or supplement that is not digestible by the dog. Your dog may have ingested an over the counter medication or a dietary supplement that is causing the blood in the stool. Other common reasons for blood in a dog’s stool include injury or a urinary tract infection. There are also other causes for the blood in a dog’s stool, such as a disease or parasite. If you suspect that you dog has eaten a foreign object, such as grass or seed, they may be vomiting it up, which is why they have blood in their stool. Consult your vet about your dog’s stool and see what you can do to resolve the problem.

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Can A Dog’s Stool Be Treated?

As mentioned above, a dog’s stool can be a source of many problems. Some dog owners may have experienced the horrible realization that their dog’s stool is actually blood. While this does not seem like a terrible problem, it could actually be. Most of the time, dog stool can be treated. However, if it is actually blood, then it can be much more serious. This is something that you need to be careful about and check out immediately.

How Can We Treat A Dog’s Blood Stool?

A dog’s blood stool is caused by either bleeding or intestinal obstruction. Bleeding is the most common cause, and usually occurs when a dog has a digestive tract injury. This can come from something as simple as eating a bad apple, or from something more serious like having a tick bite. Intestinal obstruction can also cause a dog to have a blood stool. This is a result of the digestive tract not working properly. Other things that can cause a dog to have a blood stool include worms or parasites. You should always be careful around your dog when you are eating or handling them. If you notice blood in your dog’s stool, immediately call your vet for help.

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