are cooked canned black olives

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How do you know if olives are edible?

The olives gradually take on color. They are first green then turn purple before displaying a beautiful uniform black color. It is advisable to wait for the first frosts to harvest black olives because they then lose their bitterness and are full of oil.

How do I consume the black olives from my olive tree?

You can therefore prepare the olives from your olive tree to preserve them in different ways: in oil, in brine or even flavor them according to your tastes. Only patience will be required in the preparation stages so that your olives have the best possible taste.

How to recognize real black olives?

They are very easy to recognize: “real” black olives are wrinkled, withered or wrinkled. Quite simply because they are olives that have arrived and are harvested at maturity. These are old green olives that have taken a natural look, in terms of color and wrinkles!

How to preserve black olives?

How to store black olives? In brine, black olives can be kept for several months in a cool, dry place, away from light. After opening, they keep refrigerated for at least 2 weeks. In bulk, black olives should be stored in the refrigerator.

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Are all olive trees edible?

The only species bearing edible fruit is Olea europaea, which is divided into 2 subspecies: Olea europaea sylvestris or oleaster, ie the wild olive tree and Olea europaea sativa or the cultivated olive tree.

When to pick olives from your garden?

The olive harvest period

The olive harvest season is usually autumn, but the right time to start varies in a period from October to December.

How do you know when black olives are ripe?

A staggered harvest according to the varieties

In general, the olives reach maturity between September and April and are harvested ripe, that is to say when they are black and barely wrinkled.

How to prepare olives for consumption?

Boil 3 liters of water with 300 g of salt and add to this culinary preparation according to your taste a few cloves, coriander seeds, thyme, bay leaves, fennel… Leave to cool and cover the green olives with this brine. Close and keep away from light.

Why prick the olives before soaking them?

For black olives, clean and dry your olives well, removing any that are damaged. Prick them with a fork, to pierce the skin, thus evacuate the vegetable liquid and allow the residual debittering by the salt.

Do black olives exist?

Whether green or black, olives are the same fruit and come from the same tree: the olive tree. In fact, the color difference corresponds exclusively to the pick-up period. The green one is picked before maturity, between September and November. The black one is harvested in December and January.

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