Xuan Lan’s Two-Ingredient Recipe Follows Intermittent Fasting Perfectly

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What to say about intermittent fasting that we don’t already know? Despite the fact that it has become popular for its incredible effectiveness when it comes to losing weight, there are many false myths around this type of regime. For example, the most common, yes you can train perfectly if you practice intermittent fasting and, furthermore, it is a method that cannot be considered a diet.

despite being bound closely with the weightloss (remember how it is girl lost 50 kilos following fasting guidelines or, like this one, lost 45 kilos combining it with a training plan), is based on following and maintaining a balanced and varied diet, that is, a diet low in added sugarsprocessed foods and different types of fats.

All this, within a period of time. What does this mean? For example, if you want follow the fast of 16/8 (which is the most common for beginners; you just have to have dinner early and extend the first meal of the day) means that you are going to fast for about 16 hours straight and you are going to have about 8 hours to make your meals. All good, right?

Well, what many people don’t know is that heThe intake of some liquids such as water, tea or coffee are well seen during the fasting period.

A key that, without a doubt, helps you make the wait much more bearable. Even more so if you are a beginner. And related to the latter, the yoga teacher and wellness expert, Xuan Lan sharedthrough their social networks, a real trick to resist and not fall into temptation. The best? He’s super rich.

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The infusion of Xuan Lan to avoid being tempted while fasting

It is not the first time that we talk to you about the detox teas to lose weight or of the infusions to lose weight that can be tested in this fast, however, the recipe that the teacher has shared has managed to make our mouths water. What a handsome!

As we can read, this recipe that combine the juice of half a lemon, ginger (do you remember the ginger iced tea for weight loss?) Y a little hot water helps him to resist perfectly during “the whole afternoon”, as he qualified in his stories.

The reason lies in that it calms the stomach getting bettereven the digestions; is one of the qualities of ginger. Likewise, some studies indicate that this root could reduce the feeling of hunger and, by the way, it is shown that decreases inflammation and calms possible nausea. On the other hand, being combined with lemon will not only reduce the bitterness of the root but also it will increase the contribution of vitamins and minerals and yes, the burning of calories.

As you can see, a perfect all-in-one that, we already told you, is on its way to becoming our favorite infusion.

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