Why Am I Getting Stomach Cramps?

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If you are having stomach cramps, there are various possible causes, some of which are serious and could even be life-threatening.

Why Are Stomach Cramps So Hard to Treat?

Stomach cramps are often caused by gas that is trapped in your small intestine. The gas comes from food that hasn’t been digested properly. This causes pain in your stomach. You may have cramps in your abdomen, your chest or your back. You may feel like you have indigestion, a tightness in your chest, nausea or constipation. Stomach cramps usually go away by themselves, but if they continue to get worse, you should seek medical advice.

What Is Stomach Cramps?

Stomach cramps are the aches and pain felt in the stomach. They are a very common symptom that are felt throughout your body. The cramps usually occur in your abdomen and they often last for a few seconds. They are often felt in the morning when your stomach is empty. They are usually caused by acid reflux.

What Causes Stomach Cramps?

Stomach cramps are caused by the muscles around the stomach. These muscles contract, causing pain. This pain is very common during pregnancy, since the womb is a large muscle. Stomach cramps are also common if you are constipated. People often have constipation when they are stressed. Stress increases the production of certain hormones, which can slow the movement of waste through the intestines. This can cause constipation, which can then cause stomach cramps. A related condition is an overactive thyroid. This is caused by an overactive thyroid gland, which can lead to a build up of stress hormones. This, in turn, can cause constipation, which can lead to stomach cramps.

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Are Stomach Cramps Dangerous?

People often experience stomach cramps when they have indigestion. Cramps are small, involuntary contractions of your muscles. They can be caused by gas or food passing through your stomach, as well as intestinal irritation. Most of the time, cramps are not dangerous. However, it’s important to know that they can become a symptom of a more serious condition.

What To Do When Stomach Cramps Arise

During pregnancy, the digestive tract changes in a way that can lead to uncomfortable stomach cramps. During pregnancy, digestion in the stomach and intestines slows down, which can lead to the stomach feeling crampy. Also, the hormonal changes of pregnancy can cause muscle cramps. Sometimes, the small intestine has to stretch a bit more than it would have when you weren’t pregnant. The muscles in the intestines also stretch, which can cause cramps. Pregnant women can also experience low back pain and pain in the limbs. All of these symptoms can be aggravated by the physical changes of pregnancy, as well as discomfort and inconvenience.

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