What to do with baby while cooking

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When to cook with baby?

Before 1 year, baby observes

At first, baby watches you: from his recliner, in a sling, or sitting in his high chair, he has a front row seat to watch you cook. You will engage him by letting him look, touch, smell, lick or even chew on food.

How to teach children to cook?

Involve your child when choosing the recipe.

On occasion, also offer him a dish that he does not know. Participating in the preparation of a new dish allows him to discover it, which can help him to accept less familiar foods.

Why cook in kindergarten?

it allows you to work on a lot of things! Here is a (small) inventory of everything that is worked on: Before and during the recipe: oral language: designate the ingredients, the utensils; express an action.

Why learn pastry?


Finally, you may be responsible for selling or making various pastries. Knowing certain recipes, differentiating the visuals or the technical specificities of the most common cakes will be a real plus for your professional integration.

When to give baby shrimp?

Recipes based on small prawns, langoustines, lobster, mashed fennel pepper and crab crumbs or scallops will only delight the palate of your baby from 7-8 months. For mussels it is preferable according to some experts to wait until the baby is 12 months old, just like cooked oysters.

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Why do a cooking activity?

Learn discipline and autonomy

Cooking develops children’s physical skills, such as fine motor skills, but also promotes listening, concentration and the ability to act on their own.

Why cook?

Cooking to save money and promote health

When the weather permits, cooking can really be a fun activity to do alone, in groups and even with toddlers. But, above all, cooking allows you to save money and eat well.

Why cook at school?

Learning to cook in public school can help familiarize you with French cuisine, including its little-known treasures: “forgotten” seasonal vegetables, “old” dishes that are not expensive… No need for foie gras or oil of truffles to make a good meal rooted in the terroir, affordable and delicious.

Why do I like baking?

The good memories are not only found in the pastry itself but also in the tasting! We have a good time with family or friends with this good homemade cake, which inevitably gives it more value as it was made for this occasion and with love just for them.

Why did you choose the profession of pastry chef?


Rare are the professions that solicit, inspire and nurture creativity so much, day after day. Especially since one of the satisfactions of the pastry chef is to carry out his productions from start to finish and to see the concrete result before their eyes.

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