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All these elaborations have in common that they are simple, fast and quite cheap.

With the garlic soup you can take advantage of the bread from the day before

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All the holidays are a good excuse to treat yourself and savor those recipes that are not so common on a daily basis, and Easter was not going to be an exception. We explain how to prepare eight bites, both sweet and salty, typical of these dates and so simple that you will want to continue enjoying them for the rest of the year. Stews, soups, tortillas, fritters… Let’s cook!

Chickpeas with cod recipe


Chickpea, spinach and cod stew

Also known as vigil stew, this dish is one of the most typical during Lent and Easter. It may seem difficult and tedious to elaborate, but following this recipe from Ana Casanova you will have it ready in just over half an hour (if you use canned chickpeas or have them already cooked). Delicious!

SOM Garlic Soup


Garlic soup

This soup It is another of the traditional Easter recipes that you should keep forever. It’s cheap, easy and delicious. Also, it allows you to take advantage of that stale bread that would otherwise end up in the trash.



cod fritters

Another preparation that you should prepare at Easter and on many more occasions are the cod fritters, which are a real delight. You can also try other fillings and make them from artichoke, for example. But remember that fried foods are very caloric and should be accompanied with lighter dishes, such as a salad.

Cod meatballs


Cod meatballs

With cod you can also prepare these meatballs so tasty and tender. In this recipe, we invite you to make them with Biscayan sauce (onion, garlic, chorizo ​​pepper and olive oil), but you can serve them with any dressing you like.

Cod omelette


Cod omelette

This fish also looks great on a tortilla, which you can serve as a main dish. It is so simple and quick to make that you will want it to be part of your weekly menu forever. For a spicy touch, add a little chilli.



French toast

At Easter you can not miss the French toast, a sweet that is as rich as it is easy to make. Following this recipe from Eugeni de Diego you will surely succeed, and you can vary it as much as you want, adding chocolate or other ingredients.

fried milk


fried milk

The fried milkis another traditional Easter sweet that is as cheap as it is easy to make. You just have to keep in mind that the dough is better handled if it is prepared in advance. To add an extra touch of flavor, when you have it ready and sprinkle it with sugar, add cinnamon.

Extremaduran pestiños



The pestiños Extremadurans are a traditional sweet recipe from the south of the peninsula. It is said that its origin is Muslim, and it is reflected in the ingredients necessary to make them. Do not stop preparing them this holiday season!

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