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If you made a recipe with potatoes and now you only have those strips of their skin that always end up in the trash, before you throw them away as you usually do, reserve them and prepare a delicious little snack with those shells of this tuber and discover a new way to occupy them and have zero waste at home.

The chips made from potato peels They can be richer than you imagine and that is that when they are fried in hot oil they take on a very delicious crunchy consistency, in addition to the fact that they can be accompanied by a hot sauce or some dip of your choice and discover a new delicacy with those leftovers that you will surely some occasion they have been in the kitchen.

Follow this simple recipe that will also allow you to have a little snack for the whole family very economic and delicious that could fascinate more than one. Go ahead and transform the skin of a couple of potatoes in this option, perfect for watching a movie or series of the moment.


  • potato peels
  • oil for frying
  • Pinch of salt
  • Hot sauce or dip to accompany


It is important to clarify that the potato peels they must be previously washed and cut into strips (preferably). Soak in a container with water and add a little salt, let it rest for about 8 minutes. Then drain the water perfectly and dry with a clean kitchen cloth, they should not have traces of water.

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Heat a pan with oil and when it is very hot, fry the shells for about 8-10 minutes, moving from time to time to avoid burning. They should have a slightly golden and crunchy appearance.

Place the shells on a kitchen napkin to absorb excess fat, accompany these fried potato skins with a sauce or dressing of your choice. Enjoy a rich cheap snack that will surely surprise you with the delicious flavor it has.

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