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TikTok’s tricks to clean a certain surface or element are often surprising for their efficiency and ease of preparation with ingredients that are in the same kitchen. On this occasion, a tiktoker shared his homemade recipe to eliminate the bad smell of shoes without having to die trying.

In a TikTok video, the young man assured that this Homemade recipe to get rid of the bad smell of shoes It can be made with only 2 ingredients that you surely have; a little white or apple cider vinegar and a small amount of water, as plain and simple as it sounds.

We are only going to use a cup of white vinegar and 1/4 cup of water, the process is very simple. We are going to pour our liquids into a spray container, first the vinegar and then the water,” he explained.

PHOTO: TikTok screenshot @jairescobarm

While, in front of the camera, he demonstrated that preparing this solution is as simple as mixing the ingredients in a spray bottle or plastic bottle and then there will be a “natural odor eliminator” that will help neutralize that unpleasant aroma that is generated in the footwear. after continuous use.

The young man also tried the solution he made and revealed that he only needed to spray a little inside the shoe and let it rest, he did not need anything else. He only recommended alternating pairs of shoes, that is, not wearing them immediately, but letting the solution counteract the bad smell and then wearing the shoes or tennis shoes.

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It is worth mentioning that vinegar (especially white) is more than just a cooking ingredient to flavor salads or some fresh dishes. At least this natural option has the power to eliminate bad odors and help with cleaning thanks to its properties, not to mention that it is usually very economical and versatile.

Thanks to the vinegar, is that this Homemade recipe to remove bad smell from shoes it can be functional. The time has come to put it to the test.

Remember that the video of this TikTok preparation can be found at the beginning of this note.

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