This is the perfect recipe to surprise your loved ones and get out of the routine

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New Year New Life. And nothing better than showing our family and friends how much we love them through the palate. If you also like to cook, It is essential to have good ideas and we are going to give you one that interests you to know. Since more than 30 yearsthere is a product that has been present in many of the tables households: Christmas, dinners with friends, aperitifs… A product that emerged in the north and that today is present in most of the menus and letters that nourish Spanish gastronomy.

With egg, in pasta, salads, scrambled and sauteed… with prawns, mushrooms, garlic and even with truffle. If it’s about The Gluttony of the North®, which has been accompanying thousands of families since 1991, both in their day-to-day life and in large celebrations. Their products offer great versatility when preparing recipes of all kinds, an ingredient that turns any dish into a great dish.

The Gluttony of the North®

As you know, some eggs and fries They are already very good, but…Y if we add The Gluttony of the North®? In the same way, offering your guests toasts as an appetizer is always a success, but… And with La Gula del Norte®? The best way to turn any moment in something unique!

It’s a product very easy to prepare, since you skip it for a few minutes in the pan and that’s it. An ingredient that is capable of elevating dishes to another level, allowing enjoy a unique gastronomic experienceoffering endless possibilities and, best of all, easy, rich and fast solutions.

With The Gluttony of the North® you can have a real meal that makes small moments, true moments. There are countless ways to prepare them, but today we have chosen a very special and delicious recipe, a perfect dish to get out of the routine and try something different. Aim!

Portobellos with butter

Northern Gluttony® Truffle

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