How To Store Green Beans

Green beans need to be kept unwashable in their crispper drawer while being stored in your refrigerator. They should come in bags when being shipped, otherwise they should go in reusable containers. Green bean are best served fresh, however, if they were frozen, thawed, or canned, store them separately in separate containers until ready to …

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How To Thicken Frosting

Most people think that icing thickens when it gets too thick, which is true, however, this is only partially true. You can thaw out your icing before adding powdered ingredients, making it easier to add additional ingredients. Also, you don‘t need to mix it all at once, allowing you to make multiple batches at times. …

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How To Freeze Ginger

You can buy frozen fresh Ginger to save time and money. Mince it using the micro plane or the grating tool. Or you could pure this in food processors to create a Ginger paste. If you want to freeze it for later use, you will need to put it straight into the freezer. Once it …

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How To Caramelize Sugar

To caramelise sugar; mix together some glucose and warm water. Heat the glucose until it reaches a boil, stirring constantly. Add a little bit of water to keep the mixture from sticking to itself. Once the syrup reaches the boiling point, reduce the temperature to low and stir continuously. Continue to cook for about 10–15 …

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How To Freeze Cookies

After baking let cookies cool entirely. place them on parchment lined baking sheets to frozen them (in a refrigerator-proof container), then place in freezer safe zip top storage bags labeled “cookies” and store in fridge- proof containers. squeeze out excess air, place flattened in ziplock bags and put in frigid freezer until needed. You can …

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