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They are typical of lent, but we can eat all year (and well we will). The cod fritters They are a traditional recipe that generates respect for some of the unusual ones in the kitchen, but that we can make without problems with a few easy steps. It is something similar to croquettes that are made with flaked codbut with many variations depending, not only on the country, but also on the geographical area or territory.

It should be noted that the cod It is a highly appreciated white fish in the kitchen. It is because of its taste, but also nutritionally for its benefits, since it is rich in protein and low in fat. It gives us group B vitamins and minerals, including potassium and phosphorus.

It is true that, despite the fact that cod is very healthyThis recipe has some characteristics that do not make this dish the lightest in the world. But we can afford it if we really regularly accompany it with a healthy and balanced diet in all aspects.

As many recipes as houses

As in many of the traditional recipes, there are many who claim theirs as the authentic one. The truth is that it has been modified as much as it has passed through hands, and that practically in every home there is a different recipea. And may this diversity be maintained for many years.

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We are talking about a traditional recipe, and we have based ourselves on a somewhat standard recipe that is made in many homes in Catalonia, one of the sites where they have the most followers. They are also consumed in the rest of Spainas well obviously as in Portugal (where many place the origin). And also in other places in southern Europe, especially in France and also in Italy.

Ingredients: 2 pieces of cod loin or snout (about 350 grams), 200 g of flour, 2 eggs, 1 glass of whole milk, 2 garlic cloves, 1 teaspoon of powdered booster, parsley, salt and oil for frying.

  1. Desalt the cod (if necessary), leaving it in a container with water in the refrigerator. We change the water 3 or 4 times over 24 hours.
  2. Boil the cod for a short time, no more than a couple of minutes, depending on the piece.
  3. In a bowl, put the finely chopped garlic and parsley. Add the crumbled cod, making sure that there are no bones or skin left. We also put the milk and the eggs. We mix everything well, with a pestle or a fork.
  4. We integrate the flour, the impeller powder and a little salt. Mix until a homogeneous mass is left. If we prefer, we can use a food processor.
  5. In a deep frying pan or a saucepan, we heat oil to fry, the one we prefer. When it is very hot, we fry tablespoons of the dough until the fritters are golden on the outside. We do it in batches, so that the temperature of the oil does not drop too much, and we have a crispy layer on the outside and fluffiness on the inside.
  6. We reserve on absorbent paper and serve.
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now only remains to enjoy of this great set, that if we do it correctly we will be able to dazzle family and friends. And no, it doesn’t have to be lent to eat (and make at home) these fabulous cod fritters.

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