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Some of the best typical Mexican snacks, such as tacos, tortilla chips, enchiladas, and quesadillas, are incomplete without a special ingredient: guacamole. This delicious sauce, whose main ingredient is avocado, has several preparation methods.

To prepare the true guacamole there are several essential ingredients: tomato, onion, serrano pepper, coriander, lemon and avocado, but the final result will depend on the cook’s seasoning. It will do those who do not like spicy and do not add chili to it.

Alfonso López, a chef who writes for the site Recetas de chupete, shared his recipe to make guacamole easily, quickly and lastingly.


  • avocados
  • Onion
  • Tomatoes
  • Cilantro
  • Chili
  • Lemon
  • Garlic
  • Pepper
  • Salt


  1. Cut the onion and tomato into very fine square pieces.
  2. Cut the avocados in half and remove the pit from the middle.
  3. Put all the contents of the avocado on a tray and crush it with a mortar or fork.
  4. Squeeze the lemon over the avocado.
  5. Add two tablespoons of coriander leaves.
  6. Add the chopped onion and tomato and continue mixing.
  7. Sprinkle pepper, salt and chili to taste.
  8. Serve on a tray with food.

Additionally, you should know when to use avocados. There is a simple trick to know if they are ready, it consists of gently pressing the upper hole with your fingers, if it gives in slightly it is ripe and ready to eat. (YO)

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