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When it comes to replacing the traditional wheat flour in recipes like cake shop wave bakerythe legume flour are usually the answer to issues that represent the use of flour extracted from the classic cerealso this time we will give you some tips to prepare it and we will tell you how to do it in a simple way.

It will provide more protein

You must bear in mind that the legume flour is usually very different to the wheat flour speaking of nutritional form, since the legumes are going to contribute a content of proteins much higher due to the amount of this nutrient that they have to contribute to your diet.

Has a lower glycemic index

Also, thanks to starch they contain and the rest of fibers that legumes are going to bring to this type of foodthe flours drawn from legumes usually have a glycemic index further low and therefore a less aggressive impact on the levels of sugar in the blood compared to conventional wheat flour.

Don’t worry about gluten

Since the legumes not contain glutenthe flour resulting from these foods are not going to have this nutrient among its elements, therefore they are an excellent option to prepare food suitable for people who suffer from Celiac Disease. Let us remember that the wheat is the principal cereal which is avoided when suffering from this condition thanks to gluten.

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You can use a wide variety of legumes to prepare your flour. Photo: Pixabay

You will need a food processor

You must bear in mind that preparing legume flour requires of Utensils with a big poweroften this type of food is quite hard to be processed in a blender standard. Although you can do this in several batches, it is best to use a food processor to help you reduce dust Fine the legumes that you are going to use.

They can change the taste of your recipes

you can prepare legume flour from a wide variety of this type of foodfrom chickpeas and lentils until dried peaseach of these elements will contribute a flavor slightly different, which will alter the final result of the recipes where you use this type of flour.

You can mix the flours

So how can you prepare legume flour from each of the fruits of the legumes that you have at your disposal, you can make a mixture of several legumes to achieve a flour with the features you want or the flavor as subtle as you can get, so you don’t have to focus on a single source.

Chickpea and lentil flour


  • 2 cups of dry Chickpea
  • 1 cup of Lentils

To prepare the legume flour (in this case we will use dried chickpeas lentils), you only need that you legume be well dryso you will avoid the humidity make lumps in your flour. Place it in a mill or a food processor and grind until you get a dust fine, you can do it in several times to achieve this, finally it goes through a strainer to eliminate the large pieces of legumes and you will have your flour list.

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