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What are the symptoms of rotator cuff tear?

Symptoms of a rotator cuff tear

When the rupture is accidental (typically, following a fall), the person feels a sharp pain, with sometimes a sensation of cracking inside the joint. Almost immediately, she finds it hard to move her shoulder normally.

How does a rupture of the rotator cuff happen?

Most often a rupture of the rotator cuff is the consequence of advanced tendonitis, that is to say, tissue degeneration. Trauma to this area can also cause a rupture within this fragile system.

How to cure rotator cuff?

Treat with NSAIDs, rest, and rotator cuff exercises; injection of corticosteroids into the subacromial space is also an option. Surgical repair may be recommended for severe injury (eg, a complete tear).

When should a rupture of the rotator cuff be operated on?

There is never an rush to operate a rotator cuff BUT the sooner it is operated, the higher the chances of a successful repair. If the rupture is medium or intermediate, there may be anatomical repair by arthroscopy.

How to know if the tendon is torn?

When the tendon is ruptured, this can create pain that increases locally and is located at the level of the shoulder stump. The rupture can happen abruptly following a fall or during a simple daily effort.

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What is a full-thickness tear of the cuff?

We call “transfixing” lesions that reach the entire thickness of a tendon (equivalent to the famous “rupture”), unlike partial lesions in which there remains a more or less thin thickness of tendon (lesions of the superficial face of the tendon on the acromion side and deep on the cartilage side…

Why can’t I raise my arm anymore?

Do you have difficulty lifting your arm to the side or forward due to localized pain? Rotator cuff tendon injuries are believed to be among the most common causes of shoulder pain, accounting for about 50% of them.

How to strengthen the rotator cuff?

Strengthening of the rotator cuff

Stretch a resistance band between your forearms and place them against a wall. Perform circles with the help of your shoulders along the wall, alternating directions. You can perform this exercise at different heights to better stimulate your muscles.

How to relieve rotator cuff pain?

Acromion: small bone of the scapula which covers the tendons of the rotator cuff. Analgesics: Drugs that reduce pain. The most common are based on paracetamol. Anti-inflammatories: drugs that fight inflammation and associated pain and are frequently used in orthopaedics.

How to sleep with shoulder tendonitis?

If you have a painful shoulder, it is usually more comfortable to sleep on the other shoulder and support the painful shoulder with a pillow. If you sleep on your back, place the pillow under your arm so that it supports the hand on your stomach.

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