How to stop cooking burning on the bottom

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Why does a saucepan catch fire?

When oil is left to heat up too long, an oil fire will quickly break out. It can happen in a skillet as well as in a saucepan. Indeed, vegetable oils catch fire when the temperature exceeds 230°C. Don’t panic if this happens to you!

How do I put out a cooking oil fire?

cooking oil fires

Never use water to put out a cooking oil fire — water creates flare-ups and spreads the fire. Place a tight-fitting lid or slide a cookie sheet over the pan to smother the flames.

Can a hob catch fire?

The hotplates can generate temperatures of up to 400°C. If you heat fats or oils, they can ignite on their own when they reach temperatures above 300°C.

Why does oil explode with water?

Indeed, when it is brought to too high a temperature, an oil fire may break out. In this case, there is a reflex, human, to avoid absolutely: throw water on this inflamed oil.

Why can’t water put out the oil fire?

Flammable liquids (such as kerosene or oil) should also not be extinguished with water. By trying to extinguish your fryer with your jug ​​of water, you risk boiling hot oil splashes, because the water does not mix with the fats.

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How do I put out a fryer fire?

Carefully approach the fryer while protecting yourself behind the towel and gently place it on the fryer on fire. The fire will suffocate for lack of air. If you don’t have a tea towel, you can also use your oven’s drip pan.

How to put out a fire without a fire extinguisher?

When the vacuum is created around the flames, the second reflex is to deprive the fire of air. Without the oxygen in the air, the fire smothers itself. To deprive the fire of air, water is often used, but it can also be a blanket, a coat or even better the contents of a fire extinguisher.

What puts out the fire?

As fire is based on a chemical reaction between oxygen and fuel, the fire stops if: everything has burned! there is no more fuel, the fire goes out. there is no longer any oxygen: this is what extinguishes the flame of a candle if it is placed in an airtight container, such as a glass for example.

How to extinguish the fire on a burning person?

If you have enough strength to move the victim, roll them on the ground, this will quickly smother the flames. Douse the person with water: do not use a fire extinguisher. Whether powder or CO2, it would aggravate burn injuries.

Does water extinguish fire?

When you pour water on the fire, it immediately turns into water vapour. This vapor is a gas, which takes up more space than liquid water. Thus, it pushes the air around the flame. And without the oxygen in the air, the wood can no longer ignite!

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