How to cook with cast iron tagine

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How to cook in a tagine dish?

Sweet tajines

The meat previously marinated with the spices must be placed in the bottom of the dish, then covered with the washed and cut vegetables and the chosen fruits. Then just add half a glass of water and a drizzle of oil before cooking for 1h30 to 2h30 over very low heat.

How to use a terracotta tagine for the first time?

Before using your Moroccan cooking tagine for the very first time, it is recommended to immerse the two separate parts in water. You can put them in a bathtub or in a basin filled with cold water and white vinegar.

How to use an earthenware dish?

Before first use

Soak your earthenware dishes for a few hours in cold water and let them dry completely, preferably in a hot oven to prevent them from molding (in the open air, drying can take up to 3 days! ).

How to use a tagine dish in the oven?

The tagine is stewed: keep it closed during cooking. The longer the cooking time and the lower the heat, the better the result. Do not hesitate to exceed the cooking times indicated in the recipes. When cooking a tagine, choose a gentle heat source.

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Is the tagine dish oven safe?

It can be used on all supports, from the classic oven, to the gas, on an electric hob and even on a ceramic hob, taking the precaution of putting a heat diffuser disc which will prevent the dish from rising too suddenly in temperature with the associated risks (cracks, cracks).

Why cook in a tagine?

The enamel tagine is waterproof which makes it much easier to maintain. It can be used on a brazier, a gas fire, an oven or even a ceramic hob (to avoid scratches, check that the underside of your tajine is smooth).

What is the best dish to cook a tagine?

Beka 16303484 is the tajine dish with the best value. It owes this qualification to the practicality of its design combining both cast iron and ceramic.

Why put water on the lid of a tagine?

Born thanks to the shortage of water, it allows the steam to condense in the lid before falling back into the dish. From then on, food cooks in its own juice; so the tagine requires little to no fat.

How to wash a terracotta tagine?

If your tagine has a lot of mould, soak it for at least 15 minutes in a basin filled with hot water and bleach. Then rinse well and let dry in the sun.

How to use a tagine on gas?

First of all, you soak your tagine dish (the bottom) in cold water: for example in your bathtub! Then, you can find a heat diffuser in the supermarket (it looks a bit like our grandmothers’ old toasters, the ones we put on the gas) that you put between the gas and the tagine dish.

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