How to Cook Venison Skirt Steak

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How to cook a steak?

– A piece 2 centimeters thick should be cooked 2 to 3 minutes on each side for rare, 4 minutes for medium and 5 to 6 minutes for a well-done steak. – Only turn the steak once, otherwise the meat may dry out.

How to make a good juicy steak?

Put your steak in the hot skillet and sear it, turning it every minute or so so that the crust is evenly coated. Cooking time depends on the cut of meat and your own preferences, but the best way to determine how done your steak is with a probe thermometer.

How to cook a rare steak?

– For cooking a steak called “rare”.

That is, red in the middle and the meat also remains tender. It takes 20 seconds on one side and 40 seconds on the second side, for a total of a good minute, always in a very hot pan.

How to cook a steak on the barbecue?

Hot, hot, hot! Golden rule of a successful grill: make sure to heat the grill to the max before placing the steaks on it. About 10 minutes before cooking, preheat the barbecue to high (205°C – 400°F) and close the lid. When cooking, reduce the heat to medium-high.

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What is the ideal pan for cooking a steak?

Pans with non-stick coatings do not grill meat properly. On the contrary, the steak will release water. For it to be seared and crispy, prefer a stainless steel or even cast iron skillet, and preferably with a thick bottom.

How to sear a steak?

To cook the steak well, you have to sear it, ie place it in the very hot pan so that a crust forms on the outside. (Technical term: this is called the Maillard reaction). Leave the meat untouched for a few minutes.

How to cook rare red meat?

For a piece of red meat like the entrecôte, the cooking times in the pan will be much shorter: 2 minutes per side will suffice for a blue entrecôte, 3 minutes on each side for it to be rare, 5 minutes per side for a medium-rare steak and up to 8 minutes per side for it to taste…

How to make rare meat?

– Rare: sear the 30” piece of beef over very high heat, then leave it over high heat for 1’30”. – Medium: 30” on very high heat, 2’30” on medium heat. – Well done: 30” over very high heat, then 3′ over low heat.

How to cook a thick steak on the BBQ?

The basic rule for perfect cooking is to clean the grates thoroughly to prevent the meat from sticking to them. So, heat the barbecue to high, then brush and oil the grill. Once your BBQ is clean, wait until it is at its maximum heat before placing the piece of meat on it.

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How to cook on the barbecue?

Start by searing the meat over the lit burners for direct cooking, at medium-high temperature (approximately 220°C – 425°F), and finish in indirect cooking, placing the meat over the unlit burners, so that it retains its juice and that it has a uniform internal temperature.

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