How to cook pasta in the comfee rice cooker

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How to make rice noodles?

First, start by boiling water in a saucepan. Then add a pinch of salt before adding the rice noodles. Cook over high heat, stirring occasionally. After 10 minutes of cooking, strain the water and place it in a bowl to serve.

How to make rice noodles not stick?

Since this pasta only needs to be partially cooked, you’ll need to either transfer it to another dish immediately or store it in a way that prevents it from sticking together or drying out. Drain the pasta. The easiest way to do this is to drain them with a colander.

How to use a pasta cooker?

The “Pasta Express” Based on the principle of cooking without fire or saucepan, all you have to do is heat water in a kettle then pour it into the container and add the pasta. Once the recommended cooking time has elapsed, simply turn the appliance upside down over a sink to remove the excess water.

How to steam?

Steam cooking in a saucepan

Pour in about 2 cm of water. Bring it to a boil. You will then only have to put down your food and close the pan with a glass lid of the appropriate size. If your lid doesn’t have a small hole for steam to escape, open it occasionally.

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Why soak rice noodles?

Instead of cooking the rice vermicelli, soak them in cold water. They will hydrate and soften without forming a pasty mass. All you have to do is drain them.

Why do you need a lot of water to cook pasta?

In Italy, they say that “pasta must be able to dance in water”, because it needs a lot of room to cook and move freely. This is how they will cook thoroughly and evenly.

How to cook pasta without What glue?

The first thing to do is to cook them in really boiling water so that the starch sticks to the pasta and releases less in the water. The second thing to do is to immediately drain the pasta once cooked, in a large colander, to prevent the starch from making it stick.

Why does my pasta stick?

First, make sure you put enough water in your pan. It may seem logical, but it often happens that the pasta sticks because it was cooked in an insufficient volume of water. Once cooking has started, it is important to stir occasionally with a wooden spoon.

What to do when the dough sticks?

Take a handful of flour and over the bowl, rub your hands insisting between the fingers. The flour will amalgamate fatty or moist substances that make your bread dough sticky. It’s very simple and you won’t waste any dough!

How to use a drainer?

The right way to use your colander

For the next few times, we therefore advise you to place the colander on your pan, holding it well, then pour the water into the sink. It’s faster, and the food stays warmer in the pan!

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