How To Cook Collard Greens With Chicken Broth?

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Collard greens are good for you. Whether it’s the kale of the vegetable world, or collard greens, these greens are a healthy and hearty green. They are also one of those ingredients that are both easy to cook and use. They are used in a wide variety of different recipes, such as pasta dishes, rice dishes, and even hamburgers. Collard greens are especially good for you because they are very low in calories and high in vitamins. In this recipe, we will learn how to cook collard greens with chicken broth.

How To Cook Collard Greens With Chicken Broth

I am not a fan of the way collard greens are usually cooked, but my husband likes them. His favorite way is to add them to a pot of chicken broth. The combination makes them even more delicious. For this recipe, you will need fresh collard greens and chicken broth. Collard greens are large, deep green leaves that are not related to lettuce. They are normally found as the heart of the cabbage. When cooked, they are often called southern greens. Collard greens taste slightly bitter, so you will want to cook them in a broth that will enhance their flavor. It is important to note that collard greens can get slimy, so it is essential that you wash them thoroughly before cooking. Place the collard greens and chicken broth in a pot and bring it to a simmer. Reduce the heat to medium-low and cover. Cook the collard greens for about an hour or until they are tender. Check occasionally to make sure that the collard greens are not drying out. Remove the collard greens from the broth and allow them to cool before transferring them to a plate. You can serve them plain or you can serve them in a broth with some of the chicken broth remaining in the pot.

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5 Easy Steps To Make Collard Greens

Cooking collard greens is a great way to get your greens! They are also tasty. In this video, I am going to show you how to make collard greens with chicken broth. This way, you can enjoy these healthy and delicious greens, and they won’t get soggy like they would if you made them like you might see in a restaurant or in a restaurant recipe. The secret to making collard greens delicious and not soggy is to boil them in chicken broth.


Cooking the collard greens with chicken broth for the entire amount of cooking time, which is about 2 hours, is the best way to cook them. Make sure you pressure cook the chicken broth, as boiling the collard greens in water is not recommended. The collard greens should be cooked with the chicken broth, but the chicken broth needs to be pressed. If you do not press the chicken broth, it is not as effective for the collard greens.


This recipe can be used for any type of greens, but we used collard greens for this dish. Since this is a soup, the green leaves need to be chopped rather than torn or cut. Ingredients needed:
• 2 cups of chicken broth
• 2/3 pound chicken breast
• 1 onion
• 1 bunch of collard greens
• 2 cloves of garlic
• 1 tbsp. oil
• Salt & pepper


This is a collard green that i have cooked before. It is very delicious and my family also love it. Even though there are lots of kinds of greens in the world, the collard green is the most popular and widely used, and this dish can be considered as an old and reliable way to cook collard greens. So, let’s take a look at how to cook collard greens with chicken broth. First, you can cut collard greens, then add chicken broth, and wait for 15 minutes. Secondly, you can remove the collard greens, and add salt to it. Lastly, the collard greens are cooked for 2 hours and 30 minutes, and then the collard greens are served.

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