How To Clip A Chickens Wings?

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In this video you are going to learn about how to clip a chickens wings.

What is the easiest way to clip a chickens wings

While there are different ways to cut off chickens wings, what we can do is cut the feathers from the wing to make it easier. Start by taking a pair of scissors and snipping the wing feathers close to the body. This should allow you to work more easily with your fingers. Once you’ve snipped the feathers, pull the wing away from the body and continue cutting along the remaining feathers. Don’t worry about cutting too close to the wing bones, as you want to cut as far away from them as possible. Once you’ve finished cutting, the wing should be flat and ready to be cut off.

Steps to Take to Clip Chickens Wings

To clip a chickens wings, you need to place the chickens between a pair of straight boards. Make sure the chickens wings are free from feathers. Then, clip the wings with a pair of scissors. To properly clip the wings, you should make sure you cut right next to the bony wing, not in the breast or the body of the chicken. There should be a space of about two inches between the bottom of the chicken’s legs and the bottom of the wing. Once you’ve clipped the wings, gently move the chicken away from the boards to avoid harming the chicken.

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What Happens to the Chicken During Wing Clipping?

Throughout the history of poultry farming, chickens have always been taken away from their mothers as soon as they are born. This has been a fairly standard practice since the 1960s and is known as “separation rearing.” The chickens are taken away from their mothers and are placed in small cages. They are then fed for a few days and then transferred to a larger cage where they are housed until they grow larger and are ready to be sold as a “grower” chicken. While wing clipping is considered a humane way to separate the chickens from their mothers, the practice still raises a number of concerns. Separation rearing may cause the birds to lose their maternal instinct and bond with their mothers. For this reason, most commercial poultry farmers place the mother with her chicks until the birds are two to three weeks old. There are some concerns that wing clipping may cause more harm than good, leading to terrible mental and physical health for the birds.

The Clean-up Process

Note: Do NOT use any form of sharpening or sharpening devices on your scissors. If you do so, you can end up cutting off one or both of the chickens wings or beheading it.
Cut the wings and neck down to the backbone. Run your hand along the backbone and remove the last 1/3 of the spine.
Carefully cut the leg and wing joints down to the bone.
Cut the wing-bone and spine down to the joints on the other side.
Cut around the breast meat. Don’t cut through it, it’s very delicate.
Carefully cut around the back of the chicken to remove the last part of the backbone.
Carefully cut around the tail.
Carefully cut around the tail tip.
Carefully remove the entrails from the chicken.
Remove any visible fat and small pockets of air.
Insert your hand into the opening at the top of the chicken and gently pull out any remaining loose matter, feathers, or internal organs.
If you need to, put a towel over your hands and arms to avoid getting any germs on your hands.
Check your hands for germs.
Scoop out any seeds with a spoon or spatula.
If you need to, clean your cutting board and knife with an antibacterial cleanser.

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An Alternative to Clipping

Many people today are trying to cut back on the amount of meat they eat. One of the biggest reasons for this is the terrible conditions in which many of the animals we eat end up. One of the best ways to help support animals is to stop eating them. But, this is easier said than done. So, if you’re still wanting to cut back on the amount of meat you eat, it’s worth considering an alternative. This includes eating insects such as crickets and mealworms. Many people today are already making this switch, with cricket meat becoming one of the most popular alternative meats on the market. It’s also a delicious treat. Another alternative is to be more conscious of what animals you buy. People who buy local and organic meat are far less likely to be contributing to the horrible conditions of animals at factory farms. This isn’t to say that you shouldn’t eat other types of meat, but just make sure you know exactly where it came from and what happened to it.

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