How to bake canned cookies without an oven

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How to replace baking?

The microwave

A little less gratin than in the oven, but just as cooked and warm, the microwave is the cooking option closest to the oven! You can make gratins, soften hard vegetables, such as butternut squash or Jerusalem artichokes, or bake mug cakes for melt-in-the-mouth desserts!

How do I know if the cookies are done?

Remove the cookies from the oven when the edges are golden brown. Do not wait for them to brown: otherwise they will be burned. Do you make your cookies with little flour? If the top and edges “crack” and are pale in color, it’s done.

Which oven for cookies?

If you want to make crispy cakes and cookies, the natural convection oven is perfect. The vertical diffusion of heat promotes the rising of doughs such as bread dough, pizza or sponge cake. The natural convection oven is more affordable than the convection oven.

Why do the sands swell?

Finally, one last tip, You must leave enough space between each cookie on the plate before baking. Indeed when you put them in the oven, they will expand and swell. If they are too close together, they may stick together.

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What device can replace an oven?

The Omnicuiseur Vitalité: a single device to cook everything! It advantageously replaces everything in your kitchen: casserole, frying pan, microwave, traditional oven, steam oven, combined oven, yogurt maker, bread machine, toaster…

Why are my sands soft?

I would say, too much humidity in the air, the bread is soft when the weather is rainy. Return them to the oven to dry them out completely. They must be kept in a tin box!

Why do cookies harden?

The hardening is explained by the syneresis during the cooling of the starch and the softening by the hygroscopic character of the sugar or the salt. Your question starts from an observation that everyone has already made: hard cookies soften over time and soft cakes harden.

Why cool cookie dough?

Why ? If your butter is too hot or melts, your cookies will leak in the oven. By letting your dough cool, the gluten is also better “rested”.

Which oven mode for cake?

For small pastries and cakes with a melting filling, use the High Heat or Conventional Convection mode. For puff pastry cookies, use the 3D Fan Cooking mode. To cook pastries on two levels at the same time, use the 3D Fan Cooking mode.

Which oven position for cake?

For cakes and cookies, the rack is usually placed in the middle of the oven. If your dish needs to be golden on top, as is the case with lasagna and gratins, position your rack a little higher.

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