How Long To Cook Pizza Rolls In The Air Fryer

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You can cook pizza rolls in the air fryer in 20 minutes. You can follow the guidelines below for cooking pizza rolls in the air fryer.

How do you like to cook pizza rolls?

Pizza rolls are a fun way to get pizza flavors in an air fryer. This is a method of cooking food with a hot surface that is powered by electricity. They come in different varieties with different shapes. They are typically made from a yeast dough with toppings. Once it’s cooked, it’s topped and ready to eat. What are the best pizza rolls? These are usually the ones that have a large amount of toppings, such as cheese, pepperoni, sausage, or meat. They’re usually served with a sweet dipping sauce. The easiest and fastest way to cook pizza rolls is in an air fryer. It’s designed to cook quickly, and the heat from the surface isn’t close to that of a normal oven. This can take up to 20 minutes to cook, depending on the size and the amount of toppings.

Why should you use the air fryer?

The air fryer has become very popular recently. But how do you know if this is the right tool for the job? Here are some reasons to use this convenient kitchen appliance.

Tips for cooking pizza rolls

Pizza rolls are delicious, but they can be a bit difficult to make. Because they’re basically bread, pizza rolls tend to dry out quickly, and won’t last very long. To help get around this, here are a few tips for cooking pizza rolls in the air fryer. First of all, don’t overfill the air fryer. Instead, cut each pizza roll into 8 slices and bake them one at a time. This will help prevent the pizza rolls from sticking together, which can be a bit of a problem. Second, make sure to flip the pizza rolls over halfway through the cooking process. The final step is to make sure the pizza rolls come out crispy. Air fryers typically take much longer to cook pizza rolls than conventional ovens. So, it’s important to monitor them carefully and not let them overcook.

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The pizza rolls are ready when you can easily pull them out of the fryer without burning your fingers. If you want them to brown more evenly, try the “browning” option. This will help the bottom of the rolls brown up while the top of the rolls remain more pale in color. You’ll see the difference the next time you go to buy a new air fryer. Just remember to turn it off after each use.


The pizza rolls need to chill in the fridge for at least two hours. This allows them to harden and set so they hold their shape better. They also need to be pulled out of the fridge at least 30 minutes before they’re cooked. This allows the rolls to come to room temperature, which helps them cook evenly and ensure that they’re fully cooked all the way through. And don’t forget to keep the oil temperature at 180 degrees Fahrenheit. If it goes above 180 degrees, the pizza rolls will start to break down and not crisp up properly. The oil should be left in the air fryer for 20 minutes after the rolls are done, or they’ll be greasy.

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