Great Air Fryer Pork Chops Recipe

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When it comes to the most popular cooking appliances these days, the number on spot is reserved for the air fryer. There are new recipes popping up daily, going viral within hours and a never-ending list of ways to use this handy device. 

If you are an air fryer novice, don’t feel bad, I am too! I have recently jumped into the deep end of the air fryer pool and I have to admit—I am 100% addicted.

I’ve made a tasty air fryer salmon dinner, quick frittata brunch, frozen pizza rolls and taquitos for my kids and most recently, these moist, juicy air fryer pork chops that don’t skimp on the flavor factor!

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You will not believe how easy cooking pork chops in the air fryer is. They come out a little crisp on the outside, while still being juicy and moist inside. They are perfect for hectic weeknights too, going from raw to beautifully cooked in almost no time at all.

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