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This week we do different recipes of delicious drinks. delicious!

Recipe of Gin and Tonic




lemon zest

ice cubes


Blood Recipe

For this we have to choose a short glass with a wide mouth or a balloon glass. Gin needs to breathe, so these containers come in handy.

We put three or four ice cubes inside the container and spin them inside, with the help of a mixing rod. In this way we will refresh the glass for the gin and tonic. Next, we discard those ice cubes and drain the water they have released.

Squeeze the lemon zest and put it on the edge of the glass. We put that zest inside and put another four or five ice cubes inside the glass.

Mistela recipe

We add gin for three seconds. That is the exact amount of alcohol, according to experts, that a gin and tonic needs.

Finally we fill with tunic and stir a little with the rod.

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