Fracking in Ohio’s state parks is a recipe for disaster

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The new state law requiring Ohio state parks to allow fracking on public lands is a recipe for ecological and economic disaster in Ohio. If there is just one methane leak poisoning groundwater with toxins and waste products from fracking fluid, there will be a mass exodus of talented people and good jobs fleeing Ohio. And those people and jobs may not return.

We have only to look as far as Flint, Michigan to see the lasting effect a “Frackgate” could have, not only on Ohioans’ health and welfare, but in the public’s trust in government. Is Ohio prepared to become the next poster child for ecological disaster?

House Bill 507 is bad law passed in a lame-duck session without public comment. With this law, our legislators pandered to Ohio’s oil and gas industry and have risked our clean air, clean drinking water and the growth of sustainable jobs of the future in exchange for dirty energy and dark money.

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